238 Days Till FI!

Where are you and where are you going?
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Re: 245 Days Till FI!

Post by 2Birds1Stone » Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:29 am

I've been enjoying work over the past few weeks.

Closed my first deal at the new company, getting along with my coworkers really well, and feel like I'm delivering very solid value to both my employers and clients. I work with the worlds largest financial institutions and insurers, selling a very cool technology. I learn something new on every proof of concept I execute with my engineers, and the networking at this job has been incredible compared to my old megacorp.

Been thinking tons about goals for 2019, and really approaching them in a systems theory way of thinking. Many are symbiotic, but not all.

It would be very helpful if we had a high income year in 2019, sold/donated more of our belongings, streamlined our finances, improved health/fitness, and started figuring out where the heck we will travel to and when.

It annoys me that our financial picture in late 2019/early 2020 will largely be controlled by market returns, although we can continue to buckle down on our total household spending.

I posted a few months ago about using a portion of my commission toward gearing up for our upcoming nomadic lifestyle shift. This is continuing to motivate me at work, and it will be fun spending some funds with SO. Luckily many of the things we will acquire, can serve multiple purposes and serve us for many years of adventure.

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Re: 2Birds1Stones' 350 day hustle to freedom!

Post by 2Birds1Stone » Fri Nov 30, 2018 6:54 am

2Birds1Stone wrote:
Tue Jun 19, 2018 7:55 pm
I need to start tracking weight and activity more diligently.

My weight has crept back into the 218-220lb range the past week, and today I started tracking calories and expenditure (using my Garmin 920xt).

My ideal weight is somewhere around 195-198lbs, which I have not been since spring/summer of 2014.
I wanted to share my thoughts here and help with accountability moving forward. After posting the above, I ended up dropping down to 198 (7 day average), by August 28th, and 195 by September 10th........since then I've gained back all but 5lbs.

There are several factors that contributed to this, all are within my control.

Diet - I was intermittent fasting, and whether or not it was the eating pattern, or the reduced caloric intake due to shorter feeding window.......it worked amazingly well for the first 6-8 weeks. I'm not eating 3 meals a day + snacks.

Cardio activity - Being in between jobs, I had a TON of free time during the week, and it was summer so weather was conducive to lots of walking, cycling, MTB, and running. I was working from home every day, walking 3+ miles during lunch, doing a 50-70 mile road ride on Saturdays, and MTBing during the week. Since I started my new Job at the end of August, I've been MUCH more sedentary.

Work Travel - I'm on the road half the month, often staying in swanky hotels, wining and dining prospects and customers, and overall just overindulging in alcohol and really crappy food (desserts, fatty steaks, fried foods etc). All while sitting in office buildings 10-12 hours a day, and spending my remaining free time flying around the country.

Motivation - For a few months over the summer, one of the few things within my control was my eating/training, and I made it a priority. Now with the new job, I feel like I lost focus and started prioritizing other things. It's become clear that I have to consciously make an effort to eat below my maintenance caloric level, and push myself for activity 4-5 x a week in order to not be a completely fat slob.

The Plan

Rather than trying to make too many changes at once, I'm going to start small and gradually get a bit more strict.

Step 1) Get back into the IF groove. I'm going to slowly drop back down to a 16h fasting/8h feeding schedule over the course of this upcoming weekend/week. It will be gradual

Step 2) Cut out all alcohol at home during the week. No drinking beers after a long stressful workday. On weekends limit alcohol consumption to social situations/holidays.

Step 3) Cardio - I signed up for a 10 mile running race in 7 weeks. Meaning I need to run at least 2x a week and build up to that distance, which should increase overall cardio for the week. I will also try to get out on my MTB for a little bit each week. Even if it's just around the neighborhood on a particularly non-freezing day.

Step 4) Weight Training - Make this a priority and ensure I'm lifting 3-4 days a week. I always feel good after a few weeks of consistent lifts, and it's been something I've struggled with most weeks, due to being away from home so much. Not only do I not lift when I'm traveling, but after a long trip, it's hard to get back into the rhythm for 2-3 days between those trips.

In regards to tracking calories - I will avoid that for now, it's easy to become obsessive, and I'm confident that with more mindful eating, avoiding the fried crap, most alcohol, and increased activity, my weight should start trending back in the right direction.


Short Term - Stick to the above plan for at least 21 days
Medium Term - Execute the plan and train up to a <90:00 10 mile pace/lose at least 7 lbs in 7 weeks (from 7 day average)
Long Term - Get back to <200lbs and stay there for good

I apologize in advance, but I will be updating the journal very regularly for accountability and a swift kick in the nuts if/when I fall off the wagon.

Mental Health + All of this crap

Wanted to note that I have to walk a fine line when doing stuff like this. For many years I suffered from eating disorders in my younger days. It took many years to overcome, and I have to do everything possible to avoid that slippery slope. So while I have a plan, I'm also trying to be mindful not to get back to old habits......

Day 1
Morning Weight - 214.4
7 Day Average - 211.3

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Re: 213 Days Till FI!

Post by 2Birds1Stone » Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:51 am

November Financial Recap

$117,000 CD/MM
$117,300 401k
$89,400 Taxable
$52,100 Roth IRA
$11,200 Ag
$11,700 Vehicle Equity
$18,900 HSA
$8,900 Au
$426,500 Total Assets (+$10,500)

$550 Rent/Utility
$82 Grocery
$40 Gas
$231 Entertainment
$10 Travel
$40 Health/Hygiene
$22 Misc
$80 Gifts
$1,055 Total Spending

$7,000 Salary
$216 401k
$7,216 Total Income

85% Savings Rate

$18,281 - Actual expenses, last 12 months (currently 23.33X, or 4.29% WR)
$15,000 - Actual bare-bone, last 12 months (currently 28.43X, or 3.52% WR)

Current 4% WR = $17,060

Monthly Combined Tracking

$2,666 - Combined Spending
$9,990 - Combined Income (3 paycheck month for SO)

73% Savings Rate

Combined NW = $523,700 (+$12,700)
Combined Spending = $38,500 (based on last 12 months)
Combined WR = 7.35% (13.6 x annual expenses)


Financially a pretty good month. Low spending for me, thanks to abundant work travel and holidays (leftover food).

With market ticking up a bit, and solid savings, my financial model now shows me crossing 4% WR ~August 1st 2019.

December will be much higher spending due to some upcoming bills, xmas gift shopping, and travel accommodations we have to book for a wedding.

Yesterday was the first successful day of intermittent fasting. Hit the gym for weight training in the morning and had a feeding window from 1-9 PM. Think I ate right around or just below my maintenance level for the day. SO and I did go out in the evening, and I had two beers.

Today is a planned weight training + run day. I hope to manage ~6 miles in <1 hr. Depending on how dizzy I feel after that workout, I may or may not wait till 12-1 PM to eat.

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Re: 213 Days Till FI!

Post by 2Birds1Stone » Sat Dec 01, 2018 12:11 pm

Two posts in my journal in one day, I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules.

Morning Weight - 211.6
7 Day Average - 211.6


Today was an upper body push workout. Bench press working up to 2 sets of 8 w/ 235 lbs, 2 types of cable flies for 3 working sets each, rope press downs x 5 sets, side lateral raises x 2 sets.

Afterwards I ran 6.2 miles at an average 8:56/mile pace, starting with a 10 minute mile and doing a negative split down to a 8:15 mile.

It's almost noon and I haven't broken my fast yet. Going to make a nice healthy lunch, and then SO and I are meeting my parents at one of our favorite farm-to-table restaurants. Really looking forward to this meal. I'm going to eat mindfully without stressing out over exact calories, which should produce a similar to slightly lower weigh in tomorrow morning.

Did some grocery shopping after the gym at Aldi. It's amazing what $35 can get you! Food for 2 people for a week :)

SO and I are doing a December spending challenge, were we are going to aim for <$3,100 including xmas gifts.

Happy Saturday, y'all!

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Re: 210 Days Till FI!

Post by 2Birds1Stone » Mon Dec 03, 2018 7:47 am

Xmas Shopping Rant

Xmas has become my least favorite holiday over the past 5+ years.

You see, I come from a family where everything is about gifts. Not just my parents, but also SO's parents, several close friends, etc.

I've slowly weened friends off of any significant gift exchanges (we would rather host a friend/couple on our dime than buy some useless crap).

Yesterday my mom brought up xmas gifts, and asked SO and I to think about what we would like to get.......I told her I would, but didn't expect to want/need anything that we don't already have. So they usually default to a GC to TJMaxx/Marshalls or cash, which is beautiful, because we slowly replace our clothing and cash can be spent universally on our next vacation, etc.

This morning I called mom back, to tell her we didn't need/want anything specific and started to say that as adults maybe it's time we did a white elephant type of gift exchange vs. going through the hassle of trying to figure out what to get everyone and making a big deal of it every year........the words barely left my mouth when she responded with, "your dad and I know exactly what we want, so we'll make it easy on your guys"...........sandals for him, and a perfume for her.

Don't worry folks, it seems harmless enough.......till she elaborated that he wanted $150 sandals, and she wanted a perfume that goes for ~$175!!!! What the actual fuck?

I already ordered the gifts, and it won't be but a rounding error when you consider our income/NW......but who asks for shit like that?

Xmas gives me anxiety and I wish I could completely opt out of all gift exchanges.


Morning Weight - 209.6
7 Day Average - 211.7
Diet/Training - Off from the gym today again, had to be out of the house by 6 AM to head into NYC for meetings. Successfully did IF yesterday during a 7 hour feeding window. Calories were probably at or just above maintenance, and the weight loss is my body normalizing after that 2 week bender I had before/during/after Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow I'm back in the gym for some weight training, with a nice 60 minute run planned for Wednesday.

One day at a time!


Interested to see if the jump in futures sticks through the end of the week. I'm actually OK with suppressed markets as I have that chunk of funds/available tax advantaged space come Jan 1......for now I'm just grabbing the popcorn and adjusting my journal title accordingly ;)


My previously assessed $11k in back taxes has been worked out by the IRS.

The final amount due? $155!

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Re: 238 Days Till FI!

Post by 2Birds1Stone » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:40 am

Morning Weight - 209.6 (Hanukkah bloat!)
7 Day Average - 210.5
Training - Upper Push (bench press 225x8x8x8, 2 variations of cable crossovers x 3 sets each, rope press downs, DB side laterall raises)
No cardio today.

As long as my weigh ins are 210 or less through Saturday morning that 7 day average should equialize around the same. From there I can finally make some real progress in the right direction!

I'm squarely into August 2019 for hitting a 4% WR.

I still see at least another 10-20% downside here before we get back to making new highs. So many sectors are getting pummeled into bear market territory. This is all good stuff for those of us in the accumulation phase. At least that's what I keep telling myself ;)

Right now I'm waiting for my UMB->Fidelity HSA transfer paperwork to get processed......so those funds are sitting in MM funds right now, putting me at about 33% cash/mm/cd's for overall NW.

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