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Where are you and where are you going?
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Hiya Bankai,

Well done on maintaining a good savings rate despite the purchases! Most of those purchases seem to be multi-year items items, so you are well set up for the next few years! :)

I am also hoping that the quarantine will help to keep my own expenses down, but the library has also closed and I'm reading much more, so who knows? :lol:

As regards to an Investment ISA, one you might like to have a look at is Trading212. I believe it meets your four requirements, although I've not used their charting tools previously so I am not sure as to their quality. More information can be found here if you are interested: ... ns?tab=ISA

Good luck for the future, stay healthy! :)

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Re: Bankai's Journal

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Thanks Sabaka!

Yeah, all the big items should now be good for the next few years, unless something in the kitchen breaks. I hope to continue with high SR considering that there are not many ways to waste money nowadays and we're unlikely to go abroad this year. But then again that's what I was thinking each of the last few years and there was always something coming up so let's wait and see.

Re: books - the open library is a great free source:

I did consider Trading212 but in the end, I opened an account with IG. So far so good, their platform is better than anything I used before and commissions are quite cheap (£3 for UK stocks and free for US stocks) if you make enough trades, which I intend to do.

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Dec - Mar update (health)

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2019: 361/365 I missed two days due to flu and the other two just forgot.
2020Q1: 82/91 I missed 8 days after having wisdom teeth extracted (working out with a mouthful of blood is no fun) and forgot once.

2019: 4.1M (11.25k a day)
2020: 530k (5.5k daily) - can already see the adverse impact of lockdown and WFH. Still, plenty of time to make it back.

I had another dip early in the year when the dentist messed up with my routine. However, due to the pandemic, I'm WFH since early Mar and have much more time and energy for heavier workouts and the weight is going up nicely. However, it's not all lean so I need to tinker with my diet a bit.

Health & fitness goals for the year
  • Never miss a workout for the remainder of the year
  • Weight up to 80kg (currently 76kg)
  • BF down to 10-12% (unsure what the current level is, online calc suggests 17-19% but I think way less than that)
  • 5k below 20 minutes (last year PB 22:51)
  • 25 pull-ups (PB 18)
  • bench press 125% bodyweight (PB 107%)
  • Murph below 1 hour (haven't done any yet but probably would need 1h20m)
If I achieve all of those I'd be amazed and very satisfied, but even getting halfway there will be good.

Edit: I also ditched coffee and alcohol c. 3 months ago. So far so good, don't miss them at all, but I still expect to have an occasional beer on a hot summer day.

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Re: Bankai's Journal

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Hi Bankai, how's it going? Love the way you put down very concrete goals and aim at achieving them!

Writing it sipping a coffee, and wonder what was the reason for ditching it?

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