The Path to Freedom

Where are you and where are you going?
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Re: The Path to Freedom

Post by detect_148 » Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:17 pm

@Did Thank you as well. I appreciate your kindness.

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Re: The Path to Freedom

Post by detect_148 » Sat Oct 01, 2016 11:31 am

Update October 2016

Total Liquid: $79980.68
Net Worth: $173363.21
Annual Expenses: $19632.72
Progress Towards ERE: 35.32%
Time Remaining: 4 years

Thoughts: I have finally internalized my understanding of the Roth conversion ladder which I see as an ideal strategy for accessing my pretax funds after retirement. This is going to be my strategy going forward so that I can try to avoid as much income tax as possible. Furthermore, I've hit the spreadsheets and tweaked my analysis again. I'm looking at about 4 more years of working at my current pace, but between now and then I'm going to push for another job change and relocation to further compress that. I will now count my progress as a basis of total net worth rather than liquidity.

Overall this month was expensive because I paid for two flights, but this will allow me to visit with some good friends and get out and travel.

Success: I learned a few new recipes this month and started making some new products from my beehive. I'm finalizing a propolis intinction which I'll be able to use as a pseudo antibiotic and I processed some wax which I make candles out of.

Challenges: I've been climbing so much that I've been neglecting my cardio. I went biking with my cousin and he stomped me in terms of pace on uphill riding. Need to work on that.

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Re: The Path to Freedom

Post by detect_148 » Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:16 pm

I am very glad to be able to write this post right now. I have been absent for some time because I had trouble logging into my account (I am terrible with technology).

Since my most recent update late last year, there have been no major changes in my work situation, lifestyle, living situation, etc. I have just been enjoying myself as much as possible and continuing to work on hobbies and enjoy life. I have been doing a lot more reading and am currently working on a book about the history of the French Revolution. Most recent read was a book called "Autobiography of a Yogi". I'm finding religion/spirituality to be an important component of my ERE experience as it supplements all other practical reasons for rejecting a materialistic lifestyle.

Financially and in terms of my lifestyle, I have made some noteworthy steps towards FI. My income is now quite a bit higher due to a raise + title change without any change in job responsibility. I am slowly compressing my monthly spending and even managed (emotionally) to sell off my previously cherished set of golf clubs. Of course, I am still saving and investing as much as I can and have been helped by good market returns. I now have enough set aside that I would feel comfortable retiring to a country with a lower cost of living. I would like to spend time traveling abroad in India, Africa, and South America after retirement. However, I am currently happy with my life's circumstances and am feeling encouraged by the pace of my forward progress. For this reason, I intend to continue with the ERE path until I feel confident in my ability to afford retirement at home in the United States should that be my intent in the future.

These are the latest numerics:

Total Liquid Investments/Cash: $121,457.24

Total Net Worth (including retirement accounts): $259,913.94

Annual Expenses: $19,637.00

Progress Towards ERE: 52.94%

Time Remaining to FI: 2 years 6 months

Current goals are a continued focus on fitness/health and interpersonal relationships and developing my beekeeping hobby/obsession/potential future income stream. I'm now up to three hives and the honey is becoming bountiful.


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Re: The Path to Freedom

Post by Jason » Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:39 am

One of my customer's is a European Fancy Food importer who recently expanded their product line to include natural honey. There has been a spike in natural honey sales because of its health benefits. Most store stocked honey is processed by the multi-national agro sucrose pushers. Bottle that shit up.

And now, in honor of your entrepreneurial endeavors, a brief time out to listen to my favorite song and reminisce of driving around tony Connecticut with my rich girlfriend calling me a stupid asshole after I spilled all our cocaine on her father's floor mats:

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Re: The Path to Freedom

Post by onewayfamily » Sun Aug 20, 2017 2:48 pm

Amazing progress mate!

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Re: The Path to Freedom

Post by detect_148 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:44 pm

Update: October 2017

Thanks Jason and onewayfamily for the comments. I have had countless folks ask to buy my honey. People at work that I had never met before approached me to buy honey after hearing through word of mouth that I am a beekeeper. So this spring, I definitely do plan to bottle it up and sell it and give the people what they want.

Things are going pretty well here. I just got back from a week long desert/mountain camping trip in southern California and had a great time. The desert ecosystem was fascinating with the tarantulas, coyotes, sage, Joshua trees, landscape, striking night skies, and abandoned homesteads lining the highway. Metal detecting proved fruitless due to high iron content in the soil that kept tripping me up. I thought to myself whether or not I could move to the desert for retirement. I think it would be incredibly peaceful, have a much lower cost of living, and provide an interesting change of pace, but the amenities that I enjoy in the Bay Area are certainly lacking (weather, extensive library network, ocean, social networks, etc.). Work has been busy, but is not stressing me out too much. I have been busy preparing my bees for winter, doing final mite treatments before they start becoming more dormant. I'm also experimenting with solar wax bleaching and plan to make a batch of candles for the fall and holiday season as gifts. Also cashing in airline miles for gift cards to use as Christmas gifts for family. So many cheap ways to give!

In the financial world, I am continuing to save and reduce consumer expenses gradually. I have also improved my forecasting spreadsheet which I found had some errors and also added healthcare spending which has not been a part of my reported expenses up to now. This is mostly due to laziness from the relative inaccessibility of the information. In any case, I'm going to monitor healthcare expenses because it will help me hold myself accountable for unnecessary doctor visits and will also provide motivation to ditch my thieving dentist that also finds BS excuses to charge me for services that aren't covered by my insurance. Something I want to start learning about is Obamacare, healthcare systems, etc. so I can understand how to manage health insurance/health care spending in retirement.

Finances are pretty much on autopilot right now. The big challenge for me is to continue to have patience and focus on finding enjoyment in spite of the fact that I spend most of my days slaving away in the corporate world. I've thought about going into semiretirement early via a career change it something more fun (candle making / something bee related), but I have resolved to think that its a better idea to keep these as hobbies and stick with the high income job until I reach a 4% SWR.

Total Liquid Investments: $132,893.18

Net Worth: $289,181.37

Annual Expenses: $20,402.16

Progress Towards ERE: 56.70%

Time Remaining: 2 years 3 months

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