ffj's early retirement

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They've turned into quite the mousers. Poor mice don't have a chance around the barn especially. They also go after the birds which I don't care for but that's what cats do and no matter how much I feed them they still like to hunt.

Final cutting of my pasture happened for this year. I was beginning to wonder if the neighbor had forgotten me but here he is:


Since we are dealing with light frosts at night I decided to secure my tree experiment for the upcoming cold months. I was also quite curious how many trees lived to see winter approaching.



I counted 77 trees in total which I consider a success as I did absolutely nothing to help them along since I planted them in late February. The only water they received was from Mother Nature. The air pruning boxes did quite well and the trees came apart easily.

I placed them in bunches in buckets and buried all of them in my garden for overwintering. The buckets are drilled with holes to receive moisture. In the Spring I'l either plant them or grow them out for another year and plant in the Fall.


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Re: ffj's early retirement

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Hi ffj, haven't commented in a while, but I do still follow. The progress continues to be quite impressive!
ffj wrote:
Mon Oct 12, 2020 8:08 pm
My new land has deed restrictions that prevent situations I am in now.
I was wondering about this... I understand the concept of deed restrictions (although the term was new to me), but how would they prevent a situation like the one with your neighbours? I'm not entirely sure what your current neighbours are up to, but given the photos of blue lights, it's probably illegal. If someone disregards the law, why would they take deed restrictions on the property any more seriously?

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Re: ffj's early retirement

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Hey henrik, been wondering about you.

In my new place, there are several rules myself and my nearest neighbors have to follow:

All the roofs have to be 8/12 pitch or greater.

All utilities have to be underground, no overhead wires

No swine, but other animals are allowed.

No mobile homes.

No trash visible

minimum square footage per house built

no further subdivision, very important!

no abandoned cars or non-operating vehicles

The deed restrictions give me a legal standing in which to protest a neighbor if they decide to violate the rules. My current house has NO such standing, and if my neighbor wants to turn his entire property into a garbage dump, which he already has, then legally I can't do a damn thing about it. I've approached multiple agencies about his neglect and operations and NOBODY wants to tackle the situation because there is no legal basis to do so.

Now realistically if a new neighbor at the new property wanted to violate the rules then it still would be a long process to rectify the situation, but legally I would have the upper hand and prevail.

All of this goes counter to my natural disposition to work things out person-to-person, and I tried that with the current neighbor before I started contacting outside agencies. I truly thought at the time they would hammer this guy with multiple violations but it turns out when there are no rules you can't break them.

"If someone disregards the law, why would they take deed restrictions on the property any more seriously?"

They wouldn't if there is no price to pay, as in my current situation. The only way to force him to alter his behavior currently is if I commit acts of crime myself, which I am not willing to do. You can't beat a crackhead at his own game unless you are willing to become the thing that you hate. As much as I hate to admit it, he has the upper hand. That's why I am moving.

With the new place I can legally fight violations and prevail with law enforcement and the courts backing me up. Which shouldn't ever be necessary, as the type of people that buy and build houses on such properties tend to be like-minded, and my new neighbors are terrific. None of them have kids either, and the deed restrictions state that they can't subdivide their properties and build more houses. Perfect.

I truly feel that my current neighbors are the exception, and that my luck just ran out after living here for 26 years. It happens.

Side note: the cops were at the house again yesterday and it looked like they were trying to serve a warrant, but nobody was home. And I have to pick up the trash in front of my house again that drops from their shitty trucks or blows off their property by the wind.

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