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@2birds but people can change their mind! Despite the slightly tongue in cheek comment about never having enough money, this does not look like a case of one more year syndrome. His work situation seems to be genuinely bringing him a lot of joy. It sounds pretty great from where I'm sitting.

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Re: Feb '17 Update

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2Birds1Stone wrote: Just sayin', dude!
Why you gotta be bringing up old stuff, 2birds? :oops:

I think there's two things I'm going to use as excuses and Smashter is right about the first one, because when I said that, I wasn't having so much fun at work like I am now. Also, I felt like 40 was super-old and way far off and I'm coming to grips with the fact that it's happening so fast.

When I started on my FI journey at the tender age of 27, I estimated that it would take me until the age of 45 to save what I thought I needed at that time to get by. This was 2006 and I didn't know much so I was using a 4% rule and didn't take into account increases in earnings or savings over that time period because I did want it to be a conservative estimate. To think that I'm already there, right now and with a ~3% SWR, is really astounding and I hope it's encouraging to others to see how effective cumulative gains are, especially combined with the kind of mindset that so many people have on here of seeking to improve themselves and better their situation though hard work. You don't have to be perfect in how you apply the concepts or have impeccable market timing -- you just need to do it.

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Re: the dude's diary

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Dude - there is some good news in your update. I like that you are living large - a Tesla for instance as well as work being less of a drag.

Good to hear.

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