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Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:10 pm
by 7Wannabe5
'pologize. You go gurl and I will follow your example.

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:38 pm
by 1taskaday
How much rain can there be up there...lousy wet cold summer weather-wise But probably the best one I've had in years.
Teens are older now and not so NEEDY which means more free time for me.

Is it the way I would like to be spending my summer holidays,not quite but a lot better than when they were younger...
Getting there,getting the point that they will have their own lives and I can spend my time anyway that I like.

I would love to take off on full day cycles or mountain treks etc but the time is not right just yet.

Anyway that day is nearly now in sight...

We did a few mountain/hill treks (as a family) which I really loved.I would love to take on the really challenging ones and see how fit I really am.But as I am the only one interested in this,I will wait until I am retired and can join a mountaineering club.

I did them in the Teva sandals and they were perfect as it was so dry.In winter I would definitely need the proper boots.

My feet are doing perfectly after a summer in the flat sandals/no shoes.All pain/injury has cured itself.
I also ran/walked in the New Balance Minimus and they felt great.I would still prefer the Teva sandals but the cold in winter/autumn would be too much to bear...or would it?

I could turn into those "Jesus-freaks" wearing barefoot sandals all year round,ha,ha...sounds like a challenge I might enjoy.

The savings plan is going on target,I have 12,000 together now.When I have 20,000 I will start paying down the mortgage again.

The surfing this year was a non-event-mainly due to poor weather and lack of any interest from the teens,so that will be another hobby for retirement.

I took a lot of time off work this summer,using my precious annual leave.
I wish I could be off always and retire now but I must have patience and suck it up for now.
At least I'm not going back to a hell hole just "jail" in the 9 to 5 sense.

I am looking at flights to take another trip soon but they are much too expensive in September,so I will probably wait until October.
Anyway after being off so much of the summer I don't feel the need to escape yet...the darkness of winter moving in will soon change that.
Also the fact that I have wasted/taken so much annual leave this summer will restrict me more.

Only one more full-time year,2016 is required for my pension,so I will stay the course...

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 1:44 am
by 1taskaday
A quick update on where I'm at.

Saving goal 12,650 trying to hit 20,000 by Dec 31st-seems on target.

The end of holiday rental season.Went well enough except last group who refused to leave on their correct departure date and said they would "wreck the place"if anyone tried to get them out-I kid you not...they caused damage and I am still awaiting agents report on this.
I need to get over and clean/sort place out.The joys of renting out property.

Started running again (only for 20mins) and love it.Used to run a lot when younger.I am going to keep it at 20 mins because of possible negative effects on joints etc .
Doing my yogalattes a lot as well and am now addicted-feel like I could "float" after doing them.

Work is going great.
I can completely switch off when I leave...first time ever in any job I can do this.
People I work with are great and fun as well.

I just intend to keep a low profile,keep on saving and have my escape plan if I get switched back to old job place.
Was there lately doing some overtime..oh my god,the stress glad I moved.It has been life changing for me.

Funny now that my job is OK there seems to be no "urgency" about FI.
But I must protect against complacency... as if I'm moved back to old place I really don't think I could bear it.

I'm just sticking to my plan and when I hit my target I will be able to decide for "myself" what's the best for me.

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:43 am
by 1taskaday
Just read a great article by Ermine at Simple Living in Suffolk which contrasts FIliving’s article regarding taking a sabbatical or year out of work while on the accumulation phase towards FI. Interesting to read all points of view.

My job is really fine now and contrasts so much with the hell hole that I worked in for 23 years (not always full-time) that I’ve been toying with the idea of going part-time and not retiring until much later.

More free-time is what I really crave; the new job and people are actually fine.

It is really tempting to cut my work days down and give up all over-time and just stay there longer....

Soon I will be reaching the stage where I could retire in exactly 36 months with a reduced pension of 1000 per month (BUT I need to work 1 more year full-time to achieve this) or I could do a job-share indefinitely at 2,000 per month and keep building up the pension.

I suppose there are no guarantees that I will be left stay where I am forever BUT the longer that I am there the more secure I am as I am gaining knowledge and specializing into it.

FEAR is always lurking in the background, what if things change and I get a new line-manager? What if I end up back at the old place?...then I would be so annoyed that I didn’t cement the escape plan while the going is good.

I also fear getting “soft/weak” at this cushy new job and not being able to hack it if I get thrown back to the old one...

Life is so easy now compared to before BUT have I made myself less able to deal with adversity.
My whole work days now center around eating healthy and getting as much exercise as I can. The job allows all this.

I have even organised group exercise classes at the work place.a few others are as hardcore as I am about them and it is such fun.

On the financials I am sticking to my saving plan, but it’s just going on in the background without any thought or effort really.

Free-time is really the thing I want the most...

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:43 am
by 1taskaday
Sticking to my budget and saving schedule even though it is quite tight.(Teen expenses are increasing exponentially!!!).

My aim is 20,000 by Dec 31st 2015,so now I save my money first and just make due scraping here and there to pay my bills.
One way or the other I want to start attacking what's left on my part of the mortgage next January.That needs to disappear quickly.

My DH has taken his foot of the pedal a bit,so I just say great if he doesn't stick to our retirement plan neither will I and I can just bung the 20 grand towards my mortgage immediately.
This freaks him out and he tells me "chill out"and that he will reach his part of the plan by Dec 31st.
Either way I can't lose and there is absolutely no agro about it at all which is so important.

Soon I will be able to retire in exactly 36 months.
My job is really great BUT I still hate being stuck inside there 5 days a week.
To be honest even if I wasn't working I would still be stuck driving kids to school,collecting them and taking them to their social lives.
So I might as well be working and earning as I still would not be able to travel.

From listening to other female early-ish retirees they say once the kids are gone-ish(they say they are never really gone-FRIGHTING!!),then the elderly parents step in,needing care till end of life.

Well whatever,we can only take it as it comes.
To-day I was on a day off and went back to listening to Eckhart Tolle on youtube-shame on me for always living in the future.
I know I do this all the time and its a crock but SO difficult not to plan-maybe it's an INTJ handicap.

Anyway,life is relatively good.
I know I should visit our house abroad and clean it up etc,but the flights are really expensive and I want to hit my 20,000 goal.
Such a joke really,like most other people that own property abroad-no time to visit them or for only 2 weeks a year.
I suppose at least we rent in out to holiday-makers and it pays it's expenses BUT really what were we thinking!!!

Maybe when the dark cold winter kicks in I'll go over there gladly.
Going away for a week soon through work,to an intensive training course.
Really looking forward to this,I actually love airports and people watching at them.
One of my favorite things to do is to watch the departure boards listing all the places people are flying to.

Doing pilates/yoga for at least an hour every day now,and don't have a pain or ache anywhere.
Really amazing stuff,my body feels so tight and strong.Would have started these years ago if I had known how beneficial they were,especially for the mind.

That's all for now,just keeping on keeping on...

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:37 am
by 1taskaday
Enough procrastination,this journal needs an update.

Another annual leave day to-day and every hour is so precious-I keep clock watching as I see my freedom slip away,hour by hour.
Definitely not the best way to enjoy a day off work,BUT it goes by so quickly...

Work is fine,so easy.
My savings are at 15,870 and should be at 19,630 by Dec 31st if I keep a tight budget.
I keep carrying a balance of 140 forward each month on my VISA as I want to hit the saving target every 2 weeks,so this may come in to play
towards the end of the year and derail the expected amount saved by Dec 31st a little.

I would love more time off RIGHT NOW but have to keep the longer goal in sight.
Just one more year of overtime and full-time work and then I get to choose how many days I will work.
Just 2 years and 11 months and I can retire with a pension!!!

Whether I will or not is a different story but at least I will have the choice...

Back running again at lunchtime and love it,I used to run a lot when I was younger.I keep the runs to 25 mins and only do it max 3 times a week.
I know it is so bad for my joints etc that I keep it to a minimum.
Still doing the Yogalates and LOVING them.

I will be off work for the next 2 weeks barr some night overtime.The 2nd week I am going on a work lecture week abroad.
Flights,airport transfers,hotel and food are all covered-can't wait.

I should really treat myself to another week in January and clean/maintain our holiday rental abroad as I haven't been over there since May.

One of my parents was sick recently and it was pretty intense.
He is fine again and I keep encouraging him to stay fit and keep driving,travelling etc as the longer they stay well the easier it will be for me.

Can't wait to be able to attack my part of the mortgage next year and get rid of it.This year was so boring just saving an emergency fund of 20,000 but necessary.

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:19 am
by 1taskaday
This is the life...
I am on the 4th floor of a great hotel with a great view and a warm breeze blowing through my large bright window.
I am on my work training week and enjoying every minute of it.
I am on a course with 50 other Europeans telling me stuff about their native countries.
It is fascinating and great fun.
There is an abundance of great food with my bedroom cleaned for me every day.
What an easy life-no cooking or cleaning.

I also grab any breaks to exercise and get outside in the sunshine so I feel great.

The best thing is that it's all paid for...

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 3:37 pm
by 1taskaday
I am at the end of an intense week in a popular European city.

Intense because the career training was 9 to 5:30 every day with all meals as a group of 50 people (including dinner up to 11pm most nights).

This is draining for an introvert.

As the week progressed I felt more and more lost...all course participants seemed hungry for the information that we were receiving.

I had no interest in it as I know I will never be using it.

This week has made me rethink my plan for ER at 50.Why do I want it as most people I mentioned my plans to seemed stunned that I would even contemplate a life without work.What would be my purpose?

So I thought about this and have realized that my purpose in my life is to feel good.
As a high achiever all my life has actually simplified itself down to this.

After this week I have realized a few home truths about myself.

I have zero interest in what I eat (as long as it's food as opposed to processed crap).I could eat salad sandwiches with some protein stuck in for the rest of my life and be completely contented.This week eating 3 meals per day with many courses in the hotel restaurant has completely turned me off "fancy" food for life even though everyone said the food was great.At least now I know I never want to go on a cruise or all inclusive holiday.Yuck,sitting around all day waiting for your meals is definitely my idea of hell.

I have also realized that I have zero interest in being a "tourist" and seeing or doing touristy stuff.My idea of traveling will be to go to where natives live and intermingle with them living their daily routines.This is the thing that I enjoy the most while travelling.

I hate travelling in groups and sticking to other peoples schedules-I prefer to float around doing my own thing at my own pace.Group travel will definitely not be for me.

I want ER so much because I want to be able to set my own daily schedule and avoid things and people that I find uninteresting.

Feeling good will be my purpose and I intend to spend decadent amounts of time exercising,preparing healthy simple food and eating it leisurely.

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2015 10:23 am
by 1taskaday
Now that 2016 is approaching it is time to focus on 2017...

I used to work half time-5 days out of every 10 workdays,no overtime and no week-end work.
I had a great life and I loved it.
I used to spend hours marking all the free days on the yearly calendar.I used to work barely 100 days per year because of public holidays and vacation time.

I used to spend the little money I earned on flights to our foreign house and car rental.I would travel every month with the kids for long weekends and school vacation time.They were young then with no independent ties and would just go where they were taken.
It was great,I loved it-it was like living in a parallel universe where their was only enjoyment and little stress.Nobody really knew I did this as I wanted to slip below the radar of jealousy and animosity.

Then I kind of woke up and realized we were 435,000 in mortgage debt which was not decreasing as we had "interest only"mortgages.

That was a shock to the system...

I was living extremely frugally to be able to afford all my travelling on such low wages BUT we were up to our necks in mortgage debt.

By this time I had lost my career ambitions and really only wanted to follow a life of pleasure and simplicity But couldn't as we had so much debt that had to be cleared.

Oh yea,also at around this time the bottom had fallen out of the property market in the places we owned homes,so any quick solutions (like selling) were unavailable.

So there was really nothing to do except give up my adored carefree lifestyle of fun and freedom,bite the bullet and head back to work full time as well as signing up for any overtime or week-end work I could get....

The end of my freedom for the last 4 years.

My greatest worry during all this time was that I would forget the feeling of freedom and carefree living and become institutionalized like all the other full time workers....

And to an extent this has happened...inevitable really over time.

So now our mortgage debt is down to 200,000 with low mortgage payments plus holiday rental income (Grrrrrrr!!!!) so it is nearly time to turn my thoughts back again to fun and freedom.

I need to work one more year of full time work and overtime to embed my pension and then I can reduce my work time down.

Naturally it would be better and more secure to work full time plus overtime until I retire (in 2 yrs and 10 months) but this is where "institutional-ism" creeps in...the need to feel super secure...But I will not give into this fear...we will have enough to cover us and educate our 2 kids and I am cutting back to a 0.6 or 6 days every 2 weeks with no week-end work or overtime in 2017.

I will do this despite my need to feel more secure.

I have looked at the figures and we can manage to keep paying our mortgages down with this reduced salary,albeit at a slower rate.

I want that feeling of freedom back the soonest I can....

I am writing all this out as I have started the process of reducing my hours in 2017 even though the institutionalized side of me is screaming "No wait,it is too will regret this in years to have it so good and easy in this new job...why do you always just stop short and put yourself under pressure...what about the kids future...just suck it up for the next 3 yrs"

I have started the paperwork process and there will be no turning back...this has made me realize what the "institutionalized "part of me will be screaming before I start my paperwork to retire forever in less than three years...

One step at time...

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:23 am
by 1taskaday
A thing that I have been thinking of lately is how to protect "your time".

To me free time to do as I choose is more valuable than money.

I started thinking of this because recently my DH observed that he thinks that I will turn into a hermit when I retire and my answer to him was "It's my time,I've earned it".
So maybe instead of disagreeing over finances in our retirement,we'll be disagreeing over "time"...

To me right now the most wonderful feeling I get is when I wake up and I have absolutely zero commitments for that day.The day just stretches out before me long and luxuriously .
I debate whether to do yoga,walk the dogs in the woods or eat a leisurely breakfast first...that's it,I have no wish to do anything else...

Possibly after a number of days like this I would want include travel or do an interesting course...But I have zero desire for human interaction and actually discourage it.

So maybe the ability to keep my days free and prevent others from stealing my "time" will become an issue in retirement.I have toyed with the notion of pretending to be still part-time working as a protection mechanism but maybe this is a bit extreme and I should just be very assertive about my wishes.

From observing other retired/part-time females especially if they are mothers/wives this seems very difficult to do.Their days seem to fill quickly with the wants of everyone around them.This would make me very unhappy.

After my recent week away I found it tough to settle back as winter and darkness seemed to have arrived in my absence...But after a few days I settled back in to the usual work routine.I have a training week ahead and then a week off from work.By then it will nearly be Xmas break time.Again I would love to fly out and avoid it all But the kids do not want to do this so I will postpone my trip until January.

I am running out of annual leave days this year as I have been taking a day off every long holidays next summer ...a pretty dismal thought.

One of my new year's resolution at the start of the year was to become a better surfer...what a joke,as I don't think I surfed once this year.The years are definitely getting easier as the kids are growing up and into their own stuff more But my time is still definitely not my own.

I often wonder will it really ever be...

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 10:56 am
by GandK
1taskaday wrote:From observing other retired/part-time females especially if they are mothers/wives this seems very difficult to do.Their days seem to fill quickly with the wants of everyone around them.This would make me very unhappy.
Yes. This is my experience in a nutshell. My husband is still in the workforce, so we - as a unit - have X tasks to accomplish, and I basically pick up as many of them as I can while he's at work so that when he comes home we are both as free as possible. This seems to maximize family happiness.

The key for personal happiness for each of us seems to be making sure that each spouse has roughly the same amount of self-directed time, however they choose to spend it. We try not to get too judgy about who does what with that time. He would prefer it if I socialized way more; I would prefer it if he socialized way less. But I want his happiness more than I want him to seek it in the most comfortable way for me. I think he feels the same. So we basically let this go, with only the occasional self-pitying remark. However, regarding your comment about arguments: whenever our "me time" gets too lopsided in one direction or another - if one of us is getting significantly more than the other - arguments inevitably ensue. It starts with who ought to be doing more chores and it goes from there. This is a rare fight for us these days, though, because we focus on having that balance.

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:41 am
by 7Wannabe5
From observing other retired/part-time females especially if they are mothers/wives this seems very difficult to do.Their days seem to fill quickly with the wants of everyone around them.This would make me very unhappy.
Absolutely true. I think a single childless female with rental housing and no pets, even if she had a very demanding full-time job, would have far more time to herself than a completely retired and/or financially supported married mother who owns a home and pets. And it's not just free time, there is also freedom to make your own decisions without need to consult with others or concern yourself with their care. At this juncture, because my kids are 24 and 27 and financially independent of me, and I have no husband, BF or pets, I never have to think about what is for dinner or keep anybody informed of my whereabouts (beyond common courtesy level with my housemate sister) or anything. It's fantastic. I do have some property and two lovers, but I can hire a 12 year old to care for the property if/when necessary, and I purposefully chose to maximize the fun/pleasure and minimize any responsibility in my sexual relationships. They provide me with food, entertainment, sex and occasional practical assistance or gifts, and I do NOT supply them with empathetic listening, vacuuming or any other tedious suck of my time/energy. The reason this works is that one of them already has a wife (open marriage, I wouldn't have sex with a chicken-shit cheater) and the other is looking for a wife/mother-of-his-future-children, so I am totally off the hook for most drudgery , extended family/friend social commitments/problems or debates about the proper way to load the dishwasher. The flexible, part-time, self-employed, temporary sort of work I do need to do to support my frugal financial needs seems like nothing compared to female-head-of-household responsibilities I have undertaken in the past.

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 12:33 pm
by 1taskaday
7Wannabe,your life sounds blissful except the energy needed to meet/dress up for your different dates.To you an extrovert this is probably enjoyable,to me as an INTJ this would be very energy sapping and not enjoyable.

Of all the married female mothers/wives that I observe in real life I probably have the most freedom from anyone's expectations.As an INTJ female I have zero interest in entertaining,socializing or being friends with anyone in the "normal" female friendly ways.I have deliberately put myself outside any familial expectations or social commitments.I am sure all extended family think I'm quite "weird",I say bring it on and stay out of my life so.

This took supreme effort at the beginning of my marriage but now is totally accepted.

As for domestic duties,as I don't entertain (and have brought up my kids with no expectations and drama or outside interference barr their own peers),I have a very efficient quick system in place.

I get all groceries and other required items through the internet-home delivered.I generally cook the same basic quick food everyday,if people want anything else they cook it themselves.I have zero interest in food.We never sit and eat together,people just eat when they are hungry.This appalls most people's idea of the "Waltons" sitting around the table blissfully sharing their news of the day while MaMa sweats in the background But I'aint no MaMa...

Suffice it to say I have nailed down all of my time between paid work and pleasurable personal pursuits (with minimal domestic duties while listening to my favourite podcasts or a TED talk on earphones-so converted to pleasure).

This was the reason that I voiced concern about "earning my time",I run a very efficient simple clutter-free life,all deliberately created over the years by me.

The last thing I want in retirement is anybody or anything impinging on my "earned free time.

GandK,I never argue about anything much anymore,as Oldpro said in one of the threads,we either accept our situation or change it for ourselves.I just change things to suit me and I'm really good at saying NO,a word a lot of women have trouble with.

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:19 am
by 7Wannabe5
It sounds like you are already very good at exerting your boundaries, so I wouldn't think you would have any difficulties expanding and maintaining them once you are retired. Also, if you ever end up single again in the age of internet dating, you should be aware that it is perfectly possible to just order up young men to be delivered to your doorstep like groceries, and then, I suppose, you could just say "No" and close the door again, if not up to your standards. ; )

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 6:01 am
by 1taskaday
Off on annual leave and loving it.

It is really dark and gloomy with headlights needed while driving throughout the day....mild but so much can there possibly be that much up there?
After a leisurely breakfast and on my second cup of lemon and ginger tea listening to classical radio...hoping to do a long yoga session soon...slightly stiff and achy from yesterdays's session...what a life...could it get any better?
The DVD I use for yogalates has beautiful scenes from sunny coastal Byron bay in Australia so I suppose it could be better if I was doing my yogalates under the sunshine there...

I have booked my trip to the sun??? for mid-January,I would have gone at Christmas except nobody wants to go then.So I will go on my own in January.I will be sleeping over night at the airport,easy-peezy now as I have done it twice before.The temptation to fly out at Christmas is huge but I must bide my time and wait until the teens are raised and independent.Forcing them to go if they don't want to is just not worth it,it would be hell entertaining them.They are at the age that all they want is their technology and friends right now,so be it.

I am going to suffer so much this summer for using up so much of my annual leave so early but boy am I enjoying it traffic,work stress or rushing.I think people get particularly stressed at work around this time of year and are best to be avoided if possible.

I long to be finished with it all and be free,but I definitely have 2016 full-time with overtime so I can't let my mind dwell on that thought much.

It's amazing the amount of energy I have while not working,I want to go out more even at night...a shock for my DH...we may have a very active social life in retirement would be funny if I ended up pressurizing him to go out at night instead of the other way around.Who knows what will happen when we are retired?

I was reading my journal from this time last year and it was about the end of November that the darkness seemed to start getting to me.I think more than it just being about the darkness at this time of year it is the the hardship of day to day living in harsh winter conditions,especially when one lives out the country.It's fine if there is no rushing involved and you can just melt into the gloominess and become lethargic with it.But if you have to rise in the dark and rush about it is challenging.

Winter definitely has it's own appeal if you can adapt your thinking about it and enjoy indoor pursuits especially reading,But I will definitely become a "migrate-r" when retired and leave around the beginning of November each year and not return until March.

Why suffer hardship if you don't have to is always my way of thinking?A healthy outdoor winter in the sun and brightness is much more enjoyable for me than sitting near a fire all day watching the rain and wind outside.Each to their own...

The finances are on automatic and it is really just a waiting game...the temptation to throw my 20 grand into reducing my mortgage is huge and would save me 125 per month in interest..a no-brainer really..but I will stick to the plan and just pay it off gradually over 2016 and keep the 20 thousand as an emergency fund.

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2015 7:13 am
by 1taskaday
So much to update on that I am just going to hit on each item succinctly.

First experimenting with Dr Michael Mosley’s 5:2 diet, amazing results.Dropped so much weight that I may have to cut it back to 6:1.Will keep going for a month on 5:2 and then analyze data and decide.

Reading Retired Syd’s blog led me to a lecture she went to by Dr Walter Bortz at Stanford University on “Daring to live to be 100”.He gives a great lecture on YouTube from Trinity College Dublin on the “Plasticity of Aging”, just the motivational information I need at the start of the year.

The critical thing that I have learned from all this (for me),is that my VO2 number is critical to how well I will age.So even though I feel like a “Spaghetti string” from all my Yogalates (also completely pain-free), as Dr Bortz replied when asked about meditation as opposed to VO2 for aging,”the brain is a muscle and muscles don’t care about positive thoughts only oxygen intake”-in much better words than I have just quoted.
So I better get my butt in gear and go back to my daily runs.

All of my experimentation seems to annoy some of my work peers and they often ask “Why are you doing all this?,you are slim and healthy,what’s it all about?”.This dumbfounded me at first and I couldn’t think of an immediate reply.I just assumed everyone thought as I do and are on journeys of continual self-improvement, surely the reason for being alive....

But now after having thought about this for a while,I realize this is not so,(even though it makes perfect logic to an INTJ mind),so the next time I am talking about one of my self-improvement experiments,(a weakness in me,I know as I must share my knowledge),I will just answer as Dr Bortz does:I do all this experimentation because humans should be able to live (quiet healthily)to 100 years and I intend to do this.
That should close that conversation very neatly....

Financially I should hit my goal of 20,000 saved by Jan 14th 2016.I will then start paying the 30,000 I owe on my half of the mortgage.It will be so satisfying to finally be able to watch this disappear.
Looking at the amount of rain that fell over Nov/Dec maybe we should change all of our retirement plans and just build an ARK.I have never seen so much rain,I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole country just went under water.
As a result of all this rain I keep wistfully looking at the weather in our holiday rental country and keep wishing I was there for Christmas.Will I ever really be free to go when and where I like????

I also have family in the Southern hemisphere and will spend some future winters there renting a house near to them. The weather there was 30 Celsius on Christmas day.As my DH is a nature fanatic and where they are is a nature paradise this will suit us both.

As I didn’t travel this Christmas I plan to get loads of my overtime out of the way.As I don’t drink or party much it is a great time to get it over with.This will free me up for when the weather is better or when I intend to travel.Next trip coming up soon...

I really do want to travel more...but hate spending so much on it while accumulating the money to ER.I think I need to start a separate travel fund and put maybe 200 into it each month so that I can use it without guilt when I feel like a trip away.I haven’t really thought all the details out yet but this is what I possibly intend to do for 2016.I would love to spend 1 week every month at our holiday rental.
I could easily organize this if I just lightened up on the savings/mortgage over payments.

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 3:57 pm
by 1taskaday
So after much consideration I have altered my finances to cut my expenses by 150 Euro per month.I intend to use this 150 for flights/rental car hire to be able to travel to our foreign rental property for 5/6 days a month-my dream...

This will be a tight budget But as all I really want is to get away to the sun,walk,relax and do yoga it should be do-able.

I have booked Jan and Feb already and have to keep my fingers of the keyboard to stop booking March.We have an enquiry to rent the foreign holiday property full time/5 yrs so we will see how that develops.It's not something that I really want But it would speed up the journey to FI and be an income when retired.We will wait and see how it pans out...I just want no hassle.

I have worked pretty intensively since before Christmas with nights and weekend work (on purpose) so I feel due a relaxing break.I am so excited as the weather forecast looks good.I am travelling solo as nobody wants to go at this time of year which suits me perfectly.

I will overnight at the airport and travel really light.I must admit that sleeping alone in the house at night unnerves me But I just push through this.If I didn't I would never be able to travel on my own.Funny my fear is always of the dark (spirits and strange noises) and not of the living.I really have no fear of dying but the thought of the paranormal freaks me out.

Anyway no point dwelling on this as I have brought this from my childhood (why I don't know) and it will probably never leave me UNFORTUNATELY...

Still doing Mosley's 5:2fast.It really suits me and allows me to maintain a really lean physique while eating as I wish 5 days a week.This is important after nights as when tired there is always a craving for sugar/carbs.

The thought of my trip gives me such energy and excitement that I can push through any amount of work as I know that I am getting away soon.Naturally I tell nobody as I want to keep any attention or animosity away.

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2016 5:07 am
by 1taskaday
Update over due.

I think I'm going to adopt Brute's style and cut the flowery wordy details.

Well back from trip.All went well.Weather mostly pleasant.Total cost:203.
Lost my mobile just before going to airport...really scary going without it..especially if rented car broke down etc,...for a moment was going to cancel it all and just stay at home...decided to go anyway...all went fine,realize now that fear can stop us doing anything new if we give into it,...a good reminder not to stay secure and must always be about stretching myself outside of my comfort zone...not easy as we age,BUT a must to really live as opposed to just existing.

Spent a lot of trip worrying that elderly parents would not be able to contact me and getting to internet to email DH...public phones are so scarce now.Naturally I would not splurge on a new phone...and found my own in my coat pocket when I came home.Obviously I needed a lesson on "fighting the fear and doing it anyway"...received and learned.

Met lady who wanted to rent our holiday rental long term...would be perfect,(as much as anyone can guess) but for this year anyway I am sticking with my plan and going to use it for 5/7 days every month...I want to see if this is possible and how it will work out...I have Feb,April booked already and looking at flights for May.I will skip March as kids off for Easter and do not want to internet or friends.

At least the possibility of income in retirement from long term rental is definitely there.But I hope in retirement I will spend a lot of my time out there.

Work is fine...still a waste of life...but as pleasant a means to my end goal as I could possibly have.DH off a lot doing his hobby/passion/side income.This gives me the freedom to travel so much.He is obsessed with getting better and entering competitions with it,to get more recognition...bring it on I say as everyone is happy doing their own thing.He will be getting his retirement date soon with a full pension ...even more freedom for us all.

I know he has no interest in travel and is tied to his hobby and golf so he will just come and go as he pleases...should work fine as long as nobody gets needy or is forced to endure stuff they don't find stimulating...

Let's just try it out and see...

Exercise is not happening seemed to have hit a funk...still doing Mosley's 5/2...will it work with no exercise??

I am going to burn up all my annual leave so quick with all this travel..always a worry.
Maybe next year I could reduce to half time work,even though I should stay full-time for the next 2 and half years until retirement...but I want to travel now...we will see how much I enjoy it this year...

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 5:31 pm
by 1taskaday
OK,First world in my self made cocoon and going to enjoy it all while it lasts.

I am trying to optimize my monthly trips in as much as I can.

The first issue is with the car rental insurance.I only get the basic (3rd party) cover as this is the cheapest,with an excess of 950 euro.
I usually only drive the car to the rental property,once to supermarket and then on the return journey to the airport.I usually walk every where else to get out in air and get exercise. But if I want to tour around and travel more without worry or anxiety,I need better insurance cover.So I have researched it and purchased annual car hire excess at 50 for the full year.This means that if I do have any accident or the car is damaged I can claim the amount the car rental company charges me from my annual car hire excess policy.This should be enough to alleviate my anxiety about driving the rental on long journeys without having to take out the car rental company's expensive extra insurance.

Another problem is that the house is cold in the winter.Insulation seems to be zero and there is loads of windows and patio glass doors.
We ordered a load of logs once but the renters used to burn them in the summer with the air conditioning on??? because they like the look of the log stove!!! so getting a load of logs delivered is not an option.The last time I was there I bought bags of logs which were impossible to burn as they were too big or wet?? Being cold is pretty miserable so I have researched a little and think I should invest in a paraffin heater.I will have to make sure that it is small and I am able to store it away.

There is also an option of buying internet on a mobile adapter for a cost of 7 euro per day.I think I will leave this for now as the last thing I want to do is stay on the net all day when the sole purpose is to get out in air and sunshine.At least this is an option if I do stay for longer periods during retirement.Internet is available in local cafes for free.

The other issue is raising my budget while out there.I try to do it all for a minimum cost BUT there are activities available that I would really enjoy which are cheap compared to holiday package prices.Again that old issue of immediate enjoyment versus accumulation...I think I will have to set an extra "luxury"budget while out there and use it if I want.

I know the more I travel out there the more I can optimize it and make it more enjoyable and hassle free.

Re: The Reluctant Journal

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 6:15 am
by 1taskaday
So next trip is soon...can't stop looking at the weather forecast out there...looking good at average 23C But windy...I just want one roaster of a week...not possible in February???

Every time I look at the tv I see people with gorgeous (unhealthy) tans...How come they are lucky enough to have that lifestyle in Winter.I want that for me...sad isn't it But it's my life and I can design it anyway that I want...can't I???

That to me really is the challenge...Is it possible to just dream up a lifestyle/quality of life that you want and then have it???
What are the barriers to this and can they be overcome?

Surely that's the challenge purpose to all this ERE stuff? What's the point of it all if you can't at the end live the way you want to...not live the way you are able/can afford...actually WANT to...

While traveling this way is such a joke really,as wrecked when I get there from night shift and overnighter at the airport and then it takes about 10 days when I get home to settle back in to sucky routine work life.But when retired this will not be an issue.

Why am I doing it? Because I said I want to see if it's possible to spend 1 week a month out there this year and more importantly what issues this will throw up...Such as cost,travel fatigue,possible relationship issues etc It's also good training for now the fact that I will be spending vast amounts of my time abroad has gone from just being "talk"to fact and is accepted and accommodated.Huge progress...

To me it's easy talk and surmise about things but nothing beats real life experience.

My DH got his retirement date,full pension at 52...not bad,so exciting.
As it's imminent it has focused our minds.
I think we're ready...due mainly to all the hard work and planning that we have put in since 2010.

We recently toyed with the notion of where we will live,meaning which house but have failed to make a definite plan...funny,it being me that won't commit.

I suppose the issue being he needs a big workspace for his hobby/sideincome...and he is totally committed to spending large amounts of time doing it.I on the other hand am totally free and want to spend my days "bumming" around location and commitment independent.(He has said that one of his greatest fears for my retirement is that I will turn into a bag lady ha,ha,ha).
To me if we have this ball and chain around his neck(his side income) we may as well stay living here(where he is the most content),which will allow me to travel/spend large amounts of time abroad with him joining me when he wants.

Who knows...if we both retire I think we will work it out from there,no point trying to figure it out now when nobody really knows what it will be like.

I think I can get the travel/living abroad out of my system after about 5 years and then change to a new/different way of living.No point burning the boats anywhere right now then...maybe we will just keep them all afloat and skip from one to the other as we change through the years.

Living frugally may allow us this luxury..