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Old Bigato Had a Farm E-R-E-R-O
And on his farm he had a cow

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Ah, a shame, I was intending to read through the journal once. Some of the journals here are really so massively packed with useful info.

I wasn't aware that asking for the comments to be deleted is an option, it will probably make it somewhat difficult to comprehend various threads.

Hope that Bigato manages well in life. Like someone above mentioned, (mental) health (and well-being I should say) trumps all else, so if getting rid of all his input from here helps, that's fine.

I hope though that this is not going to become a trend! I have never even registered with any forum before this one, not to mention actively participating. The posters here make it truly unique so hope everyone's gonna stick around :)

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Re: bigato's journal

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Will miss you bigato.. hope you will come back after sometime

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Re: bigato's journal

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Farewell, bigato! You'll be missed :(

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I always really appreciated your perspective and input on this forum, Bigato.

Best of luck with everything.

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Re: bigato's journal

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Could've kept the option open... Still, sometimes one needs to burn a part of one's life in order to grow... Hope you're doing well. All the best!

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