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Where are you and where are you going?
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Re: bigato's journal

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Good luck to Bigato on whatever it is he is trying to do. If he wanted to delete his forum contributions then this is up to him. Never know how much someone has thought about their decision. He may end up regretting it in some time when they can serve as a useful record or he may just move on.

For those who are really fussed about losing his insight then connect with him directly.

Looking at my own posts they yoyo back and forth and have logical holes and contradictions everywhere. In reality some of those rants could be reworked or removed, however they are useful as a record of a persons thought process, even if only useful for me. Not everyone will hold a similar view though, or they decide one has crossed some line they've made up.

Ponder why he did this if you find it useful, otherwise there are many others with good insights here. All the best with an offline life though, I have considered the benefits of trying a long period of ignoring online world. I would just disappear for a while though. Then again I don't post much.

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Re: bigato's journal

Post by wolf »

Bigato, good luck to you! Thank you for your insightful posts. Take care!

I see the same opportunity cost with using social media, etc. They can satisfy my social needs, but they are not a real replacement. My social needs are fulfilled by communicating with my family, co-workers and you in the ERE forum. I don't need more social interaction. And if I hadn't found this place, I would have had a much higher motivation to find persons in "real" life instead. It is difficult for me to say at the moment if it will be beneficial or not in the long term. This decision has a trade-off. Maybe I should do both with 50%, EREforum and real life communities, beside family and work. On the other hand, I am content with the status quo.

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Re: bigato's journal

Post by 2Birds1Stone »

Damn, this is a real bummer......I was going to try to visit his farm for a workaway type arrangement next year.


Re: bigato's journal

Post by Jason »

Old Bigato Had a Farm E-R-E-R-O
And on his farm he had a cow

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Re: bigato's journal

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Ah, a shame, I was intending to read through the journal once. Some of the journals here are really so massively packed with useful info.

I wasn't aware that asking for the comments to be deleted is an option, it will probably make it somewhat difficult to comprehend various threads.

Hope that Bigato manages well in life. Like someone above mentioned, (mental) health (and well-being I should say) trumps all else, so if getting rid of all his input from here helps, that's fine.

I hope though that this is not going to become a trend! I have never even registered with any forum before this one, not to mention actively participating. The posters here make it truly unique so hope everyone's gonna stick around :)

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Re: bigato's journal

Post by LiberateMind »

Will miss you bigato.. hope you will come back after sometime

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Re: bigato's journal

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Farewell, bigato! You'll be missed :(

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Re: bigato's journal

Post by Dave »

I always really appreciated your perspective and input on this forum, Bigato.

Best of luck with everything.

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