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Where are you and where are you going?
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Hi DG, I guess your week off started today? Hope you can enjoy it!
And January is approaching fast. I am curious how you like the months off early 2021.
Good luck with life.

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@Mendes: thanks :)

@Rube: yeah, I'm in my week off; I always get philosophical when I have the time...

I feel like I'm on the edge of something new for my career, and that it's going to be an interesting few months.

I struggle a bit with my feelings still. I feel a bit relevant and useful in this COVID19 pandemic, if only by helping to keep my little part of the medical world going. (And I know it's only a very small medical contribution, but it is one). And then we've always struggled to keep enough people interested in this job of being a blood bank doctor (it's not glamorous, it's not very interesting, it's not high pay), so if I leave, that's one more new colleague needed and perhaps not found. But then on the other hand, the upper management truly isn't helping to make this job better, so why would I keep going if I no longer need the money and am not appreciated by the organisation? I know I am appreciated by my direct colleagues, though.

I know from the previous time (when I switched from working here to doing the PhD research) that the feeling of "abandoning your colleagues" subsides; and I know that personally I do not hate or blame other people for quitting their job, but hope they'll enjoy their life (including, often, a new career). So nobody will (or at least: should) hate me for leaving, either.
Taking a step back, I like it when people create the life they want for themselves (within ethical boundaries of course). So I should go do that myself, too.

So: working on this!

My pension money has now grown to an amount that will easily be able to sustain me after official retirement age. It's going to be a rich and boring retirement after age 70, you guys. How sad ;)

My current savings are not enough to carry me to age 70, but they would cover my expenses with a 5% withdrawal rate for roughly 75%. The other 25% could quite easily come from some work I could do. Helping my boyfriend with his company for example and getting paid a reasonable amount for that could cover the rest. Or finding some other way to make some money and maybe to contribute to society. Thinking, thinking...

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So far for 2020 I reduced my "gifts and fun" budget by 50%, massively helped by going out very little, visiting friends very little and very few stops at a "to go" shop at the train or petrol station (when it comes to COVID19, I value my health over buying a coffee on the go, apparently).

My transport spending has gone up as I've bought a car. Where I planned to use it only for trips to workplaces hard to reach by public transport, for most of 2020 I have used my car for almost every trip to and from work. So that has cost more than expected, but again I feel I value my health more.

My charitable donations have gone up, too. Hard to not see the need these days.

I actually don't know yet whether my total average spending went up or down. I used a budgeting app for 2019 that I stopped using by the end of it (due to it no longer being supported on my phone). For 2020 I started using a spreadsheet I made. It works well, but now I can't compare this year's numbers to last year's ones. But it does seem like my savings rate will be slightly lower than last year's, so I guess all in all I'm spending more.

Still I'm continuing to inch closer to being FI every month, so I'm happy about that.

As I wrote last month, I'm still thinking about how to shape my work or "work" life over the next couple of years. I'm going to have a sabbatical at the beginning of 2021! It's going to be for three months, and I'm looking forward to it. I actually wish I could do this every year, but I'm not sure whether they'd let me. For 2021 they are happy with me not being there, as all of my colleagues have not asked for any weeks off during these months (they're hoping to be able to travel again in summer/autumn 2021), so for these first couple of months enough people are working to easily cover my absence. So for 2021 it'll work.

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Sabbatical- that’s a lovely sounding word. Like a vacation, but with visits to libraries assumed.

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Congrats on the sabbatical and all your progress. You might be able to do it every year. Worth the ask. I mean, it's win-win for them if it means they can keep you.

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