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Blues Lover's Journal

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 7:42 am
by Blues Lover
All calculations done do not included taxes. My concerns: Am I estimating post-retirement expenses accurately? What will taxes be?
  • Almost 53x expenses in investable assets / 1.89% withdrawal rate (not including pension); 52% taxable, 48% tax sheltered
  • Home paid off; value not included in NW. HCOL area.
  • DW is eligible for small pension at the end of 2022; would cover a little more than a quarter of current expenses.
  • DW is eligible for retiree health benefits at end of 2022 for ~$250/mo. Very few doctors take this insurance; have to fight tooth and nail to get the insurance company to cover anything; covers hospitals.
  • Expenses were calculated based on last year's (2017) expenses; excludes taxes paid and work-related expenses. Includes two overseas vacations, 0% interest car payments, hobbies, and some modest indulgences.
  • No debt.