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Uh oh, DW and I have been asked by our parish to prepare a "witness video" to be used as part of the parish's marriage prep course, specifically on the topic of marriage as a vocation of service, moving beyond itself to transform the world in some way. Pretty good chance this is going to turn into: (1) modern industrialized society is going to sh#@, thanks to climate change, resource depletion, and the ponzi scheme, house of cards, financialized economy; (2) even if our politicians and big corporations could do something to stop it, or slow it down in some measurable way, they won't; (3) so, our kids and especially their kids are going to come of age in a world in which there is less to go around; (3) so, we're raising our kids to be comfortable with less, and to be more self-reliant and less dependent on consumerism and the global economy to meet their needs, and more dependent upon local communities, with more of their energies invested in such communities. Oh right, we're also trying to do our very, very small part to slow down the rate at which the SHTF. Mazel Tov!!!

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That took quite a detour from marriage! Seems likely to scare folks away from your parish :lol:

I didn't chime in a timely fashion with my opinions regarding increasing your hours, but here goes anyways. I think it stinks! The real problem for me is that you've started doing these interesting things like building, brewing and now your free time is going to get smaller. Ugh! If I remember correctly, your weekends before covid were pretty busy with kid soccer games and such? How will you gain more skills by working more!? Well, guess you made the call already so this isn't really helpful. I was looking forward to having another semi-ERE person on the forum......but now you'll have more money to buy those 50 acres, right?

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