How to Make 100k /Yr?

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Re: How to Make 100k /Yr?

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plantingourpennies wrote:I made that amount in my first full year of technology sales.

Important to note that most technology sales don't require an understanding of technology; the soft skills of the humanities are what recruiters look for.
Uhhh...if you are a closer in tech sales you can make a lot more than $100k. Now this is a skill but my gut is Olaz may have the DNA for it.

I've known some closers in semiconductor equipment sales and they cleaned up. I'm talking $500-$700k a year. They had technical knowledge about their product. There is no substitute for knowing your customer, his job and what your tool can do for him. Could they design a wafer test tool? No. But yes, mostly they knew how to close.

I watched a department of these guys sell my product and I can say one guy took 90% of the business. He was very likeable. The other guys made almost no sales. It was one of those winner take all games.

Great suggestion.

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Re: How to Make 100k /Yr?

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EdithKeeler wrote:I wouldn't be so worried about a specific dollar amount. I'd say find something you don't hate doing most of the time, that aligns with your interests and values and leaves enough time for outside interests. Manage your lifestyle so that it doesn't cost much to live... and the rest is gravy.
That's very true. There is not big difference between 5 and 6 years for ERE. Don't focus on finish line. It's not a sprint race, but pleasant journey. Take it easy. Enjoy the moment. You will get there sooner than you think.

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