Retirement is a positive experience

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Retirement is a positive experience

Post by George the original one »

From ... e-of-mind/ :

•Retirement reduces depression.
•Retirement has a “significant positive effect” on life satisfaction, he said.
•Remarkably, however, income has relatively little effect on retirees’ levels of depression or their satisfaction with their lives.

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Re: Retirement is a positive experience

Post by DutchGirl »

Good to know. Wasn't there a recent research that showed you should NEVER EVER retire because it would kill you? Nice to know that there is at least some other research that says retirement is pretty ok.

Funny also how Americans are less happy, and the Dutch don't go below "mediocre" happiness. There could be a cultural aspect there...

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Re: Retirement is a positive experience

Post by george »

depends on the person. some people see their purpose in life is defined by the world of work and using their time to make money. in this case retirement is a negative.

some people, as much as they tell themselves its not true, are defined by their job title or pay packet.

I recommend everyone tries to take a sabbatical. to see if retirement really suits them.

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Re: Retirement is a positive experience

Post by jacob »

These studies tend to come out of major corps. They study these issues because big corps have major pension liabilities. What's important to note is whether the retirement was voluntary or forced by bad health, etc. If it's voluntary, people tend to do better. If it was forced, they tend to do worse.

Kinda obvious.---Which is why Mickey Mouse studies follow.

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