The Tyranny of "Stuff" at Christmas!!

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Re: The Tyranny of "Stuff" at Christmas!!

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I spent a bunch of time this week cleaning out junk and creating a pile of crap to take to the dump. My wife has a habit of accumulating dollar store items :? She is thrifty but she can't keep her hands off of assorted jars, containers, and seasonal decorations from the dollar store.

Felt that Christmas Stuff Tyranny leaning on me and needed to do something.

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Re: The Tyranny of "Stuff" at Christmas!!

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This year I try to keep xmas minimal. I will slurge on consumables, but otherwise I will not buy unneeded stuff. My wishlist includes a few books and an e-book reader. I hoarded on financial books with humble bundle and I can't access them reasonably now.

I will gift wine, chocolates and a few books.
I ask for a few books and time to actually read them. But that has been my wish for a couple of years already. Never had the time to read the damn books ( Piketty, Adam Smith).

But I need to create the semblance of xmas for dear kid. So that means spending a ton for unneccessary arrangements.

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Re: The Tyranny of "Stuff" at Christmas!!

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The GF and I will exchange gifts, it's a fun contest to think of something we know the other will like/use, but they don't know it yet. :lol:

I've tried to make the holidays more about spending time with loved ones than gifts for quite some time. I basically stopped giving gifts and asked others to do the same. This year they'll get surprised with a few homemade consumables, but that's just because I enjoyed making them.

For those hard to convince people, who just really take joy in gift giving, ask for a low dollar item that's actually useful to you so they don't end up in the landfill. For example, the last three years I've gotten maybe 3-4pairs of Darn Tough socks. Sub $20, they feel good giving it, I actually use them and they have a life time guarantee. Another idea would be low dollar tools. I asked my mom for replacement water filters for my water filter pitcher this year because I'm out.

IMO, When you don't give gifts, those who still want to buy for you are getting some type of personal enjoyment from it. Make it a win-win buy giving them a useful idea instead of getting trash year after year.

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