What kind of work/job do/did you guys all do?

Simple living, extreme early retirement, being wealthy, ...
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in order

pizza slinger

bike shop

market research




apartment leasing

settlements analyst

energy trader

utility regulatory consultant

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I work for a Natural Gas Power Plant currently. Position: Combined Cylce Operations Technician Trainee. This is basically, outside operations, instrumentation and electrical maintenance, control room operation of plant equipment, performing switching and tagging (making things safe to work on)...
Other than this job, I worked at a marina for 5 years as: an assistant, jewelry sales, graphic design (advertisements, billboards...etc), organized boat shows, organized fishing tournaments, handled cabin and boat rental reservations, forklift operator, and some brief accounting work.

Canadian Dream
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Degree: Chemical Engineering
Jobs: Cased Hole Wireline (Oil & Gas), Sales and Tech Product Support for Chemical distribution company, engineer on clean coal technology project, GHG policy and cost analysis and currently environment regulation (compliance and risk management).
As you can see I've done a lot of work that has nothing to do with my degree. Oh, well it got me in the door of my first job.

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I'm a mechanical engineer (INTP) who has worked in product design for the past 12 years. I've helped design everything from iPhone cases to video game handhelds to medical devices. It's interesting and fun work but also exhausting -- I feel like I've lived deadline-to-deadline for years, been unable to take vacation even when I've wanted to, spent way too much time away from home, and let all my hobbies fall by the wayside.
One unique thing about my background is that my career has essentially been making the "stuff" that I'm now coming to recognize is a hindrance to FI in a consumption culture. All those shiny new things now seem a bit rusty in retrospect, and while I'm still young (34) and likely not ready to hang up a working life for good, I've become far more interested in pursuing jobs more "meaningful" and on my own terms. Zookeeper, museum worker, astronomer... all those things that seemed awesome as a kid are now (thanks to a our savings over this time) back on the table.
I'm currently looking to take the ESRE (early-semi-retirement-extreme) leap next year at 35. Can't wait.

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Dead-eyed government drone.

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Peace corps volunteer. I feel like I'm already retired, going back into the 'real' world is going to be hard. I actually found ERE because I was looking for info on how to deal with retirement. All the free time with no set schedule. That was driving me crazy in the beginning.

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Self-employed Janitor

& Real Estate investor/landlord.
I work on average 5 hours/week. Pull in a pretty good living as it's one of the best kept secrets. ;-)
In my younger years I was an Inoculation Technician (at a mushroom spawning plant), Precision Sheet Metal worker (building crop dusting aircraft), and an auto mechanic among other things that would make a buck. I really enjoy working with my hands while engaging the mind to troubleshoot and create. But I'm in janitorial for the money and free time it provides me to do volunteer work.

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Lawyer in Canada. I own my own small specialized firm and work part-time with Indian bands on various economic development and assorted legal issues. Love my job. Loads of freedom to plan my hours and varied problems to resolve. Funny, but would love early retirement for the same reasons :) INTJ

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computer programmer / web developer

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I was a marketing professional with several major multi-national companies.. across a wide variety of categories including prescription drugs, birth control, vitamins & supplements, snacks, and beverages.

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Up until April I was a Quality Assurance Manager working for a small company producing plumbing valves. Some hands on but mostly I was assigned to my office pushing paperwork and e-mails all day.
I don't miss it one bit.

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Starting a new job on Monday as a Registered Nurse in the Mental Health Unit
Try to cram/write a 50 page package right now
Should be interesting - lack of uniform is a bonus and an fruit salad mix of staff, not to mention patients
Lots to learn about the diseases and disorders of the mind, along with safety and regs
Busy Busy atm...

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I graduated from electrical engineering in 2008 but couldn't find related jobs. Currently I work at a computer reseller as buyer. This experience reinforces my path to FI.

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I trade derivatives for my own account.

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low grade public servant shamed by all the high achieving evident here.

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Statistical Modeler/Programmer

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Cashier, currently.

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Hrm, I have had tons of odd jobs and part-time jobs ever-since I was allowed to.
I started with baby-sitting my younger siblings and cousins and later on, the children from other families in my neighborhood. From age 15 and on, I have worked in retail (cashier, restocking supplies) and in a restaurant/ gift shop in our local hospital (preparation, supply, serving). During school holidays I used to work at a nursery garden - those were long days and started early, but I seriously enjoyed the work.

When I entered University, I continued my work in the restaurant/ giftshop before exchanging it for my work at the mail. I changed baby-sitting into tutoring (high school students) and teaching (first year courses at University) and added being a student representative/ landlady of some sorts for the housing corporation to the mix.

The latter has been dropped since I moved to another city, but I still work at the other two jobs whilst studying.
If volunteering also counts, I can add gardening in a communal garden to my list, as well as promoting games (Earth Charter Game) and play-testing (D&D). And a few times a year I act as a fake victim/ hooligan/ whatever they need during police/ medical exercises and training.

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In order - just for fun




sale (retail)


marine research


sales (pool tables)


chemist (enology)


Assistant professor

Scientist (geology)

Tropical coastal zone planner

International civil servant


General Contractor


Adventure race organizer

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I'm 31. I have no degress, no certifications. Only some technical trade training in a few areas. I will be retiring to my couch and letting my business run itself in just a few short months. ERE @31. Hard work and dedication is all it takes. With a little luck. I wouldn't be here without a lot of luck actually. right place, right time.
I've been;

Farm hand

Gas station attendant

Pizza cook/grill guy

gas pipeline maintainer

Cable guy

Contractor for phone company



contractor for cable company

contractor for government work


kirby vacuum saleman



meat packing plant worker


garbage man

swimming pool cleaner


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