Poll: What kind of watch do you own?

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Post by sree »

One of the principles of ERE (as I understand it) is to own high quality/ low quantity items that will last forever, with low maintenance, and will not need to be replaced.
With that in mind. I am interested in knowing what kind of watch each of you own. Jacob, I believe you mentioned you have an Omega watch.
I, also, am partial towards automatic movements. I have a 2002 Rolex Datejust and 2004 Rolex Submariner Date, both bought new (before I knew about ERE, but I still enjoy them and wear both of them).
I've gone through a couple Timex watches, which I regret buying, because I thew them away when the battery died.
Does anyone else spend high cash for quality timepieces, or could you care less?

George the original one
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Post by George the original one »

I don't own a watch. Hate having something around my wrist. No chains for me, please!

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Post by ICouldBeTheWalrus »

I have a $20 Timex digital watch with a cheap compass attached to the band. The last time I used it was when I was traveling somewhere my cell phone had no service -- typically I just use my phone as a watch (I don't feel the need to constantly know what time it is.)

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Post by Matthew »

I also own a timex digital ironman. The alarm wakes me for work or on vacation. I only use it because I cancelled my cell phone 2 years ago and now share one.

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Post by S »

Clocks are in pretty much every electronic gadget. I don't need one.

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Post by dragoncar »

This is my aspirational watch:
http://www.patek.com/patek-philippe.htm ... =3&lang=en&
In reality, I don't wear a watch. My cell phone has a clock. Anything else is jewelry.

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Post by C40 »

I have my cell phone on me all the time so I don't wear a watch.
I do have a $10-15 watch that I used to wear when preparing for bike races and having my phone on me didn't make sense.
When I was younger and more into impressing girls, I wore a good looking fake Movado that I bought for $10 or so.

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Post by sree »

Dragnoncar, very nice. Classic.
But I would worry about the watch strap wearing out.

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Post by jennypenny »

"This is my aspirational watch:

http://www.patek.com/patek-philippe.htm ... =3&lang=en& "

Very nice. You do realize that's the preferred watch of vampires, right?
I stopped wearing a watch when I got my cell phone.

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Post by Chris L »

I don't own a watch. Surprisingly I'm never late for anything. Not big on time watching in general. I can usually tell the time by a variety of factors to within 30 minutes including the sun, my hunger and the last time I checked a nearby clock.

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Post by Marius »

An inexpensive Casio.

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Post by jacob »

I have a 30mm Omega Seamaster (manual wind) from 1961 (which I can take completely apart and assemble again by the way) and a Swatch Irony. However, I have not worn a watch in several months. If I'm somewhere where I actually need to know the time, I usually have a GPS on me.

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Post by sree »

Clarification: These days, wristwatches are really not primarily for telling time. They are worn for: 1) jewelry , then for 2) interest/hobby in tradition, mechanics., then for 3) telling time.
Other than for knowing the time, what watch do you like? Or do you still don't give a damn about watches?

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Post by m741 »

I used to wear a watch all the time in high school/college, where life was ruled by the clock and I wasn't near a computer. I got away from it when I started working.
I started wearing a watch again recently: Casio MQ24-7E. I think it's stylish, light, small, and it was $10.
I understand the idea of buying a quality watch but I can't justify it for what's 80% a cosmetic purchase.

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Post by HSpencer »

I have always gotten by fine with the Timex watches. They are around $35 to $45 and last me usually two to five years. I have one for working and one for nice. Like Dude, I like the iron man models, with the alarms and lighted dials.

I do have some expensive ones that were gifts, etc. I prefer the Timex ones as it does not matter if they get lost, broken, or just stop working. Wally World puts in batteries pretty cheaply.

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Post by Dragline »

I have never worn one regularly. Time is all around us. I have a Timex that I use when exercising sometimes and need to keep time for a particular activity.
Note that since the advent of smart phones, watches have become almost purely ornamental. Almost no one under thirty wears one for a practical reason.

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Post by bigato »

I used to check the cell phone for time. Until I spent 4 days alone on the forest, climbing a mountain, in a rainy season. It was hard to use the cell phone because it is not waterproof and it was hard to take it from the pocket below my waterproof jacket. Checking the time was a matter of survival. I bought a clock as soon as I come home. A nice digital casio I still have - but the rubber strap is rubbish and it's too expensive to buy a new strap.
I still find it important to control the time, whether I'm working for money or not. An year go I've bought a cheap automatic seiko 5 military. I have two issues with it: the nylon strap wont last (at least this one is easy to find a replacement); and the scratches on the glass that I can't avoid. I would like exactly the same watch only with a scratch-proof glass and a strap that could last more than 10 years at least.

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Post by dragoncar »

Alone in the forest, or climbing a mountain, can't you just look at the sun's position?
I stopped carrying a watch when I learned to experience time non-linearly.

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Post by Shandi76 »

Like several other people have said, I mostly use my mobile phone to see the time.
I rarely wear a watch, except for my heart rate monitor when exercising.

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Post by bigato »

You can't look at the sun when it's raining everyday. You also can't look at the sun at night. I guess I could learn to say the time by looking at the stars, but not when you can't see them because of clouds or because of the trees above you. I also wouldn't like to open the tent and let the cold enter every time I can just look my watch. Controlling time was important to know how much I could walk in the light of the day, and how much my food would last. Of course that was a extreme situation, but made me decide for having a wrist watch.

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