Poll: What kind of watch do you own?

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Post by sree »

One of the principles of ERE (as I understand it) is to own high quality/ low quantity items that will last forever, with low maintenance, and will not need to be replaced.
With that in mind. I am interested in knowing what kind of watch each of you own. Jacob, I believe you mentioned you have an Omega watch.
I, also, am partial towards automatic movements. I have a 2002 Rolex Datejust and 2004 Rolex Submariner Date, both bought new (before I knew about ERE, but I still enjoy them and wear both of them).
I've gone through a couple Timex watches, which I regret buying, because I thew them away when the battery died.
Does anyone else spend high cash for quality timepieces, or could you care less?

George the original one
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Post by George the original one »

I don't own a watch. Hate having something around my wrist. No chains for me, please!

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Post by ICouldBeTheWalrus »

I have a $20 Timex digital watch with a cheap compass attached to the band. The last time I used it was when I was traveling somewhere my cell phone had no service -- typically I just use my phone as a watch (I don't feel the need to constantly know what time it is.)

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Post by Matthew »

I also own a timex digital ironman. The alarm wakes me for work or on vacation. I only use it because I cancelled my cell phone 2 years ago and now share one.

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Post by S »

Clocks are in pretty much every electronic gadget. I don't need one.

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Post by dragoncar »

This is my aspirational watch:
http://www.patek.com/patek-philippe.htm ... =3&lang=en&
In reality, I don't wear a watch. My cell phone has a clock. Anything else is jewelry.

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Post by C40 »

I have my cell phone on me all the time so I don't wear a watch.
I do have a $10-15 watch that I used to wear when preparing for bike races and having my phone on me didn't make sense.
When I was younger and more into impressing girls, I wore a good looking fake Movado that I bought for $10 or so.

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Post by sree »

Dragnoncar, very nice. Classic.
But I would worry about the watch strap wearing out.

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Post by jennypenny »

"This is my aspirational watch:

http://www.patek.com/patek-philippe.htm ... =3&lang=en& "

Very nice. You do realize that's the preferred watch of vampires, right?
I stopped wearing a watch when I got my cell phone.

Chris L
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Post by Chris L »

I don't own a watch. Surprisingly I'm never late for anything. Not big on time watching in general. I can usually tell the time by a variety of factors to within 30 minutes including the sun, my hunger and the last time I checked a nearby clock.

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Post by Marius »

An inexpensive Casio.

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Post by jacob »

I have a 30mm Omega Seamaster (manual wind) from 1961 (which I can take completely apart and assemble again by the way) and a Swatch Irony. However, I have not worn a watch in several months. If I'm somewhere where I actually need to know the time, I usually have a GPS on me.

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Post by sree »

Clarification: These days, wristwatches are really not primarily for telling time. They are worn for: 1) jewelry , then for 2) interest/hobby in tradition, mechanics., then for 3) telling time.
Other than for knowing the time, what watch do you like? Or do you still don't give a damn about watches?

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Post by m741 »

I used to wear a watch all the time in high school/college, where life was ruled by the clock and I wasn't near a computer. I got away from it when I started working.
I started wearing a watch again recently: Casio MQ24-7E. I think it's stylish, light, small, and it was $10.
I understand the idea of buying a quality watch but I can't justify it for what's 80% a cosmetic purchase.

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Post by HSpencer »

I have always gotten by fine with the Timex watches. They are around $35 to $45 and last me usually two to five years. I have one for working and one for nice. Like Dude, I like the iron man models, with the alarms and lighted dials.

I do have some expensive ones that were gifts, etc. I prefer the Timex ones as it does not matter if they get lost, broken, or just stop working. Wally World puts in batteries pretty cheaply.

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Post by Dragline »

I have never worn one regularly. Time is all around us. I have a Timex that I use when exercising sometimes and need to keep time for a particular activity.
Note that since the advent of smart phones, watches have become almost purely ornamental. Almost no one under thirty wears one for a practical reason.

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Post by dragoncar »

Alone in the forest, or climbing a mountain, can't you just look at the sun's position?
I stopped carrying a watch when I learned to experience time non-linearly.

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Post by Shandi76 »

Like several other people have said, I mostly use my mobile phone to see the time.
I rarely wear a watch, except for my heart rate monitor when exercising.

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Post by jennypenny »

@Bigato-I forgot about other uses for a watch. My husband wears an old military-type Victorinox with a compass as well as a stopwatch. It is for navigation as well as time.

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Post by george »

I don't wear a watch. If I have to be somewhere on time (rare) I have a small clock beside my bed, I take that.

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