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D&D > Video Games for ERE

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D&D in this instance collectively refers to tabletop RPGs D&D being one of which that has gained some "mainstream" (if you can even say that) resurgence of late. This resurgence especially amplified by COVID, lockdowns, and with ZOOM + VTT (virtual tabletops), the hobby is easily moved online.

Video games could refer to online games, MMORPGs for example, or even just FPSs with friends online. More for this, I'm referring to solo games, which is what I tend to gravitate towards. Or online games that I play with all others muted, mostly for challenge of playing with others.

Engaging in both hobbies, I find video games much less valuable.

Video game pros: submission/calming, can have goals, play online

Whereas tabletop RPGs seem to have a lasting social capital aspect.

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Re: D&D > Video Games for ERE

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My DD29 plays virtual D&D. Also a pub trivia pro. Sorry guys, already taken.

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Re: D&D > Video Games for ERE

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How good or bad a game is is going to depend a lot on the activity level of the person and what game you are talking about. A student who sits studying then sits around playing games is likely just too sedentary. A person who is quite active might benefit from a break.

Games help develop skills that aren't emphasized in school such as planning and spacial reasoning. There are even games designed to help people. The game habitica, for instance, helps organize your life as well as provide a nice dopamine hit when completing tasks throughout the day. There have been games to teach kids with cancer about the importance of consistently taking their drugs. I'm sure you could find more examples.

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Re: D&D > Video Games for ERE

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I learned operations research from playing Runescape.

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