Have rising food prices affected your spending?

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Re: Have rising food prices affected your spending?

Post by EricaR »

As of now, only I and my husband are living in our house. Both of use has stopped animal products and other fatty/oily food due to high cholesterol problem. So, We didn't feel it much..

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Re: Have rising food prices affected your spending?

Post by tonyedgecombe »

I'd assumed we were spending more but I just checked the April to July period compared to last year and it's only risen by 2%.

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Re: Have rising food prices affected your spending?

Post by Saltation »

Prices have not impacted spending much. I already had a stockpile of rice, flour, meat, frozen berries etc. at the house. We were doing once per month shopping trips.

Where I'm located I can still buy a dozen eggs for 69 cents, whole pork loin for $1.49/lb, loss leader produce at .99/lb etc. If prices have risen (which I'm sure they have) it's largely inconsequential to my overall spending because as a family of four with two working spouses I have much larger expenses that I deal with. One medical bill this year was over half of my annual spending on groceries.

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Re: Have rising food prices affected your spending?

Post by Solomon960 »

I have also observed price increases among all product categories at the grocer. Understandably, I am buying less.

July 2020 Grocery Shopping Totals:

Number of Store Visits: 13
Number of Transactions: 5
Total Spending: $14.47 (~$0.47/day - a personal best)
Note: Figure includes the optional purchase of a non-edible silicon turner and wooden ruler. If excluded, true monthly food total lowers to $13.25 or ~$0.43/day.

Finding food items worth buying has become a significant challenge over the last two months. Dollar Tree has not been stocking family size cereals, grocer clearance discounts have become laughable, and banana selections proved more yellow than normal in July. Because I stock up when I do find deals, I have largely remained unaffected as I work down my surplus inventory of peanuts, peanut butter, mac & cheese (now depleted), canned veggies, canned beans, whole wheat bread, xylitol gum (for after work lunches), non-dairy milk, etc. Surprisingly, I still have ~20 boxes of cereal in reserve.

So far in August, I have visited three grocers and purchased nothing. These are truly difficult times...

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