Ethics of ERE

Simple living, extreme early retirement, being wealthy, ...
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Here's an opportunity to get 1.75% interest on 5 year loan -
Is this more ethical than other investments?

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I also think the only difference between ERE'ers and the 1% is the amount of capital we control and live off of.

Another important difference is the DIY Renaissance ethic; the 1% have no specific ideology.

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Re: Ethics of ERE

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This topic is probably an appropriate one to come back to life in our current age of pandemic and social unrest.

How could ERE principals apply to the socioeconomic side of inequality that furthers the rift we're seeing?

Also, from the OP:

"That is to say, if everyone only worked a few years of their life (10, e.g.), not much would get done. In addition, there wouldn't be much to invest in since everyone would be trying to retire!"

It seems we're having a little experiment, at least, in the US--where a massive portion of the population isn't working and is subsidized by various government programs. Not suggesting it's not necessary to fight the virus. But, it'll be an interesting dataset in hindsight (years in the future) to analyze.

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