Web of goals examples

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Web of goals examples

Post by Swerty »

I'm trying to draw my own web of goals. I'm curios to see what others have in mind - tried to search the forum but only found one (7W5, in her 2nd journal). Anyone interested in sharing?

So far i have:
Career (savings, interest)
Running (healthy, savings, ecological)
Cooking (savings, SO time, healthy, ecological)
Reading (savings, interest, ecological)
Meditation (healthy, calmness)
Investing (savings, interest)

BTW, in the book "simple living" is listed as a module in the provided example. Shouldn't it be a goal?

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Re: Web of goals examples

Post by C40 »

I'm not sure exactly how Jacob words things in the books, but here is some advice:

Consider which things on your list are goals, which are strategies, and which are tactics. These could be titled in other ways such as values or results... processes or systems... actions, steps, habits, etc.

It is important to sort them in order, and to consider and update the highest level (goals) first.

Your primary list includes mostly tactics or strategies, NOT goals. (some of the things in parentheses could be considered goals (healthy, calmness, and maybe ecological).

Consider this example:

Long life [Goal - though this would actually be a sub-goal in order to support other goals that you want during that life]
Health [Sub-goal]
Good diet [Strategy]
Eat a salad every day [Plan/action/tactic]

and other linked strategies (hard to illustrate in text like this) that would link to either long life or health

Fitness [sub-goal, also linked to the Long LIfe goal]
Improve cardio-vascular health - reduce 1 mile run time from 9 minutes to 8 minutes [Sub-goal]
Run 4 days per week [Plan/strategy]
Every weeknight, before bed, put your running clothes and shoes right next to your bed and put them on when you wake up, no matter how much you do or don't feel like running. [Tactic]

The lines between these levels of strategy/plan/tactic can get a little blurred, but it is important to clarify. Then, for a good web of goals, some of your single strategies / plans / and even tactics should link up to more than just one goal or sub-goal. For example, if one of your sub-goals include finding a new romantic partner and you want them to be attractive/fit/etc, your sub-goal of fitness would link to that sub-goal of finding a partner.
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Re: Web of goals examples

Post by wolf »

It's important that you all figure that out by yourself. Of course, you could get some inspiration of others, but in the end, it is totally dependent on your situation, preferences, etc. And it will/could change with time.

I've written about my "web of goals and processes" in my journal, starting here:

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Re: Web of goals examples

Post by AnalyticalEngine »

The way I think about the web of goals is basically the concept of synergy. That is, how can I achieve more with one action? Are there strategic actions I can take that will fulfill multiple needs? Are there actions I am taking currently that produce more drain than benefit? If you're used to thinking of synergy/strategy in business terms, this makes more sense.

Critically, web of goals is pretty much independent of being FI. It's really about living the best lifestyle you can. Getting stuck in the "hoard money and FI" mindset is one thing that held me back for awhile about understanding this.

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Re: Web of goals examples

Post by chenda »

I've never really understood the concept of web of goals, my brain isn't wired in that way.

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Re: Web of goals examples

Post by daylen »

The web of goals is not only a construction (Ti) but also a discovery (Ni) of systems and their higher-order effects.

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Re: Web of goals examples

Post by jacob »

It's a web because the goals should be connected. (Otherwise it's modules ... also described in the book.) Actions taken should always have homeotelic goals. This is so that if one goal of an action fails, the other goal might still succeed. Success increases if more than one action points towards the same goal. Then the goal may succeed but not for the direct/official reason. Like a fishing net, the more the goal nodes are connected, the more resilient the system. Heterotelic goals, in contrast, are terrible. This is where an action promotes one goal but hurts another... e.g. working for money gets you money but takes away time. IOW, heterotelic goals involve sacrifice. The point of a well designed goal is also to avoid sacrifice.

The ERE philosophy itself is a homeotelic solution to three goals: FIRE, preparing for TEOTWAWKI, and sustainable social equity. Even if some aren't into one of these, by aiming at the others in the "ERE-way" they will still achieve it. For example, my initial goal was not FIRE but sustainable social equity, but by doing that I eventually figured out that FIRE automagically followed. With climate change coming into public awareness over the past few years as the hills are burning, those with the FIRE goal of ERE find themselves better prepared as a consequence.

As for examples, yeah, that's tricky. Beyond the few examples in the ERE book, I've never bothered to write mine out explicitly in the fancy "Ti" diagrams or lists that some of you do. It's just Ni to me ... but before I set an official goal, I think hard and deep about whether actions are homeotelic with existing actions, etc.

This probably sounds like a bunch of woo-woo, but essentially, a web-of-goals is just a more explicit way of stating what what Ni does when engaging in planning that's optimized for efficiency and contingency, that is, minimum effort for maximum results with the least chance of drastic failure.

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Re: Web of goals examples

Post by Scott 2 »

Designing a lifestyle, top down or bottom up, doesn't work very well. It's not a fixed picture. That may be why you are not finding documented webs.

I've had better luck cultivating my lifestyle, pruning things that don't fit, as I learn and grow. I'm more likely to drop interests that no longer serve me, than to make large additions or transitions. This makes space for the aspects of my life that are thriving.

It also took me time to understand that we need webs all the way down.

At a high level, valuing healthspan complements my desire to lead a tranquil life. At a detailed level, I might choose a simple meal for dinner, to be physically ready for a pre-bed yoga practice, which also ensures deeper sleep. This avoids the need for morning caffeine, which reduces the likelihood that I'll drink in the evening.

I've heard this described as a pit of success.

I tend to struggle in two areas:

1. I fall into locally optimized maximums. Sometimes, disruptive changes are needed to achieve greater paths, but absorbing them in a small increment isn't possible. I am very hesitant to execute the controlled burn.

2. I am slow at adapting to changing availability of resources - energy, money, time, social capital, etc. The web that works at twenty is terribly misaligned at forty. My choices tend to trail that transition, because I'm evaluating based on prior state.

I've started paying more attention to people playing at a higher level, so I can imitate them, in an effort to combat these strategic weaknesses.

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