Eating Healthy During Travels

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Eating Healthy During Travels

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I know there are many healthier people here than I. I've been really wanting to get healthier since travelling. I just ate street food the first year. The 2nd year, I cooked a tiny bit but still, mostly unhealthy. Now in my 3rd year, I'm no longer willing to compromise my health, I'm travelling and actually eating healthier and feeling better but it's hard many times because I have to cook my own food to get healthier.

How do you make this easy? Eating healthy on the go.

I know processed carbs and high omega 6:3 oils are typically unhealthy but they're also cheapest and most convenient. Bread is typically cheap but grilled with some olive oil, then topped with some apple cider vinegar and himalayan salt and it's healthier than 90% of my meals. Just switching to this as my staple meal has me feeling much better. Ssriously, the bar is that low so I'll take all the replies as potential wisdom.

Some homestays have a pot and pan that they allow me to use so I've gotten to carrying olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and salt as my staples.

I've boiled beets then peeled them, doused in lemon, a little olive oil, and fine salt; it's a healthy meal.

Plain fruit, whatever's cheapest- guava, bananas, pomelos, dragon fruit- it all depends on what's cheap in my current city and season. It's also typically healthier and cheaper than eating at a local restaurant.

Olives are great but pricey.

Nuts/seeds roasted with some fine salt.

Boil potatoes then top them with grilled onions and garlic.

I haven't actually tried beans yet because they take so long to cook but they last in the fridge and can be cooked with carrots, garlic, onions, bay leaf, and rice to make a complete meal that's filling, healthy, and cheap. Throw this over the previously mentioner beet salad and it's delicious.

Get some oats, mix them with cocoa, then top with boiling water for a cheap, healthy chocolate replacement.

Any other ideas or anything easier to get?

Travelling to these small towns can be hard because the closest supermarket is an hour drive. Everything, aside from local fruit, is expensive here compared to the last city I was in.

I feel better than I have since I started travel but I feel stuck between travel and health. I miss having a full kitchen but I'm okay paying that price for a few years and having some healthy foods on the go that are less delicious than if I could make gourmet health foods with a real kitchen and large fridge.

Tldr: I want to be healthy but find it difficult while travelling. Do you have any ideas for recipes/ingredients that are healthy and easy to prepare while travelling? Or know of any sites/forums where I would be better off looking for answers?

Thank you.

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