Call Out to HSP INFJs: what makes you feel content/useful?

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Re: Call Out to HSP INFJs: what makes you feel content/useful?

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I don't know what an HSP INFJ is but it makes me wonder if there's an audience for a dyslexic version of Wheel of Fortune.

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Re: Call Out to HSP INFJs: what makes you feel content/useful?

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@7w5 Ha, I type everyone almost subconsciously now. I can usually get in accurate reading in 30 min or so. Also trying to pick up on non-verbal cues. Predictive power between 1,2 <-> 7 serves as a catalyst for interaction. For instance, a quick way to make an ENxJ tune out is to start giving a bunch of details about how your day/week/life has been.

@Fox I actually have some opposing advice to others in this thread. I say strive towards the analysis paralysis! I hear this all the time and it makes me laugh. I analyze everything and seem healthy enough. I think developing Ti more will be super beneficial in the long run. The problem now is that your Ti logic is not expansive enough so you keep on cycling around the same considerations. Try learning a little philosophy or go further into analytical psychology. My recommendation is to watch Michael Pierce's videos on YouTube. He is an INFJ that discusses both of these topics.

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Re: Call Out to HSP INFJs: what makes you feel content/useful?

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@daylen: It would be a neat trick to be able to type like that. Obviously, my simplified model is more intuitive, therefore easier for ENTP me to apply. I somewhat regret my use of "feminine" and "masculine" energy, but that happened because I did a mash-up of Enneagram (which I encountered well before MBTI) with sexual dichotomy theory with simple overlay of spirit animals as archetypes. So, for instance, anybody with Te in first or second, but lacking Fe would be "locked in masculine" , especially if they were also quite Assertive as opposed to Turbulent. I used to believe that I had the tendency to date men who were more emotional = F than me, but then I realized that it is more the case that I have the tendency to date men who are more reactive = T than me, because I am quite A. So, I often earn my keep (sometimes quite literally*) in relationship by providing function analogous to cooling tower on nuclear power plant, but at some point when I have absorbed too much heat, it's like my Ti (snowy owl) and my Fe (deer/cow) split apart and the cool water becomes ice and condensation, and I will find myself simultaneously externally weepy and internally making very rational cool-headed thought-through plans for exiting the relationship. Then if my Ne (juvenile masculine energy monkey) comes up with any sort of fun or interesting alternative to staying, it will be pretty much a done deal.

*For instance, at his request I used to accompany my "ex" when he had to engage in confrontational dealings with his tenants, because he knew he might lose his cool or come off as overly aggressive to his detriment and then he would buy me dinner and/or transfer $1000 to my account. Kind of like simultaneously running as consigliere and "dumb" blonde. I even sometimes did calculations for a semi-professional gambler I dated.

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Re: Call Out to HSP INFJs: what makes you feel content/useful?

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The psychology/counseling keeps coming up, but are you sure that, as a HSP or whatever, it is something you can actually stomach? Like, have you tried doing something similar for a sufficiently high number of hours per week? I have pretty good knowledge of two people who offer mental health services. The first who seems to be pretty successful at it is a low-key d-bag who can compartmentalize pretty well. The second has a more sensitive disposition, only interacts with patients enough to do medication management, but still takes it hard enough that the shit at work is basically all she can talk about when she gets home. Can you handle heartbreaking situations as a normal Tuesday before lunch break?

More than most you seem like someone who needs to have their life set up just so, and psychology/counseling/social work is spending all day poking your head into the madness and sorrow of human weakness. Just doesn't seem like it matches you.

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Re: Call Out to HSP INFJs: what makes you feel content/useful?

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honestly, I love that stuff. I can talk about the madness all day with people. Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, death, adhd, suicide, and so on. I was a peer counselor for 3 years. To me, it’s super interesting to talk about these dark topics. What I hate is boring excel work. HSP people actually really like one-on-one work.

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Re: Call Out to HSP INFJs: what makes you feel content/useful?

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Life is on track if I have peace of mind.

In R&D I hated quality system which forced traceability to all decision making, which reduced risk taking to minimum, which then made difficult to be creative. In education I like creating and passing the knowledge and skills to next generation.

I used to worry about finances. Now I am more interested in use of my time, and about my independence, i.e. not needing to bow to anyone, and not being interrupted, and what do I focus on.

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