Always feel a content and maybe a bit bored.

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Always feel a content and maybe a bit bored.

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I really don’t mind my job. It’s not the most interesting but it’s in healthcare so I’m doing a good thing and not just making someone else money. Not too stressful, not bad. Personal life I’m pretty happy with having learned to play piano and with my coding skills, pretty happy with my body and how much I work out and read. Been offered a job where I have to move to Dayton (I live maybe eight hours from it) and could work at my currently salary for 32 hours instead of 40, but also I kinda like where I live and have a few friends here so am thinking of turning it down. In a good relationship. In a few years I can retire but I probably won’t right away, will likely coast to fatFIRE as I don’t have the desire to spend much more or less than 20k. Don’t really have any bad habits I need to work on, maybe focus on less waste and really try to minimize that.

I don’t know, I feel I’ve accomplished most of what I wanted to do by age 30 (29 now). I guess I’m just satisfied and am not sure what to really be doing now other than keeping on. Turning down the part time is really odd for me, I always wanted early retirement, but now I’m just questioning if I even do and if not what I’m really doing with my life. After grad school ended I feel my competitiveness and wanting to socially show off sort of died off, and no real reason to try to make more money than I make now. Just feel a bit bored all the time, yet satisfied and don’t see any big changes I need to make to my life.

I guess I need to make a challenge for myself or try to do more good for others. For challenges I feel like “figuring out how to accomplish” is the main part I enjoy. Implementing the systems that reach the goals, not necessarily reaching goals.

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Re: Always feel a content and maybe a bit bored.

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Sounds like you need to introduce some novelty. Try some new things, even if they are small, and see what sticks.

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Re: Always feel a content and maybe a bit bored.

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I am retired. I wouldn't move away from my friends. Sadly I live about 1.5 hours from any of them, but in 3 different directions. So it's even. I wish they would move closer to me.

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Re: Always feel a content and maybe a bit bored.

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The paradox of choice. You've put yourself in such a good position, now get to make the choice of which challenge to accept, which obstacle to overcome. Since there are so many possibilities you feel frozen. No matter what you choose, you'll likely have buyers remorse because there where so many other options.

IMO the worst thing to do here is nothing. It's easy to get into the habit of stagnation and wake up 5 years later with nothing new in your life. That being said, I don't think you need to change location, job, or anything else that's going good (they could be part of the challenge if you want, but don't need to be). You just need to find some challenge to overcome that makes you excited. Honestly, I'd just brainstorm a few things that fit in that category. Spend some time researching the potential reality of those ideas, are you getting more or less excited about any of them? Narrow it down to two or three choices, ponder again between only those options, then make a decision based on that small bucket of choices.

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