Multi-currency price comparison android app?

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Multi-currency price comparison android app?

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Does anybody happen to be aware of a free android compatible app for the comparison of prices which supports multiple currencies?

I would like to be able to record the prices of grocery items at different stores in different countries with different currencies, and have them converted to a chosen currency based on a conversion rate that is either updated automatically via internet or manually set.

For clarification, I am not looking for an app that is searching the internet for the store with the lowest price for a specific brand item in a certain area (not all stores have their full product range and prices listed online over here anyway), I am trying to manually record and compare prices of general grocery items per unit at different stores (e.g. cost of 1kg lentils, brown, dried, non-organic at store “X” in currency “Y”). Basically something like the app “price cruncher” ( ..., just with a multiple currency option.

I had a look on google play, but I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of price comparison apps, so I didn’t check every single one individually. And a search on google for “multi currency price comparison android app” and similar didn’t result in anything useful either. So I thought there might be chance that if such an app already exists, someone here might know.

I live very close to a border between two countries with different currencies and have several grocery stores with very similar distance on both sides. As there are no regular border controls for goods at the checkpoints where I cross the border (at least not, if you are on a bicycle, not even with a trailer in tow), I can freely choose where I want to do my grocery shopping. An app where I could note down prices and where a changing conversion rate is taken into consideration would be a very convenient crutch, making mental math unnecessary.

Many cost tracking apps, such as “expense manager”, support multiple currencies already, so I guess it shouldn’t be too difficult technically to develop such an app, or to extend an existing one.

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