Flour sifter? That's for wussies

What skills to learn, what tools to get
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Flour sifter? That's for wussies

Post by Farm_or » Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:49 am

I hate to admit, but I am drawn to kitchen gadgets. I like to browse the section. Maybe it's like tools in general? I'm drawn to those as well.

But I look a lot more than I buy. I like learning techniques and creative alternatives instead of buying one more gadget of specialty use.

Flour sifter? Nah, I just spoon it into the measuring cup, taking care to aerate in the process. Kitchen aid mixer? Not when I still have elbow grease left! Just switch hands when one gets tired. Milk frother? No, can do the same thing with a wisk spinning it quest for fire style.

What are some of your kitchen hacks?

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Re: Flour sifter? That's for wussies

Post by halfmoon » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:35 am

I have little interest in any kitchen activity other than eating. My favorite kitchen hack would be little elves who prepare delicious food while I work/play on the computer, then call me when it's ready.

In the absence of elves, I'm incredibly lucky to have a DH who does just that. Therefore, I indulge and even encourage his addiction to kitchen gadgets. When we used to go to yard sales (had to stop, because...hoarding), he would inevitably find another gadget to buy. He even uses some of them. Never dis the Kitchen Aid, Farm_or! Anything it does can be done by hand, but it gets done more often with the appliance. :)

Okay; back to your actual premise. If you want to sift flour (which you don't), a metal sieve works fine. A potato masher and afore-mentioned elbow grease can turn beans into paste. A pastry cutter/dough blender is great for chopping hard-boiled eggs. Probably the most useful tools are good knives and a honing steel to keep a surgical-grade edge. DH loves his knives and still can't get over seeing a friend chopping vegetables with a serrated steak knife.

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