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Personal Hygiene

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 8:30 am
by Jin+Guice
What's everyone's regimen?

Do you use soap? Toothpaste? Floss? Shampoo? Conditioner? Moisturizer? Sunscreen? Beard Oil? Beard Balm? Retinol? Anything else?

Is it all a scam? Is some of it a scam?

Does anyone DIY some or all of their own personal hygiene stuff?

Does anyone understand the chemistry behind it?

Re: Personal Hygiene

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 8:39 am
by Alphaville
all surfactants have hydrophillic (ion) and hydrophobic (fatty acid) ends.

the hydrophobic end attaches itself to grease, the hydrophillic tail attaches itself to water, and your greasy ools dirt gets washed away

soap is made from boiling fats and lye and has a high ph (very alkaline)

detergents are made in different ways and have different properties.

the skin produces sebum it uses to protect itself. soap and detergents remove it.

too much sebum removal will cause skin problems. some people add window dressing (moisturizers) to soap, to compensate. other milder agents don't remove it in the first place.

etc etc.

i did a related thread... i will post link here

eta here you go: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=11849

Re: Personal Hygiene

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 8:51 am
by Hristo Botev
I don't understand the chemistry (b/c I don't really understand any chemistry). But, speaking anecdotally (which is all I know to do), I make my own soap ( ... nsumerism/) and deodorant ( ... ant-recipe) and toothpaste ( ... paste.aspx), which I supplement with Bronner's Castile soap, which is what I also use to shave my face and my head (I'm bald), and I also use Bronner's for our family's hand soap at our bathroom and kitchen sinks. I use whatever floss and toothbrush I and my family get from the dentist in the little "free" care packages they send you home with. And I swear by the Merkur safety razor. DW and DD have expensive lotion that our dermatologist cousin recommends, and which I'll use a drop of every once in a while when it's really dry outside and my clothes are clinging to my body through static electricity. That's it. I also only shower every other day, and I take camper showers when I do and try and keep the water around lukewarm instead of hot, and I think that helps with dry skin during the winter.

Re: Personal Hygiene

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 9:07 am
by mathiverse
@Hristo: When you make the soap, do you use an essential oil? If not, does the soap smell okay?

Re: Personal Hygiene

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 9:14 am
by Hristo Botev
mathiverse wrote:
Wed Mar 31, 2021 9:07 am
I don't, and the soap smells fine to me; though I also supplement with Bronner's (on my head/face and hands) which does have essential oils added. DW won't use my soap, however; so, there's that. It's on my list of things to do to get better at making soap, Tyler Durden style. For now, I'm still a beginner simply trying to figure out ways to avoid trips to Wal-Mart or wherever.

Re: Personal Hygiene

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 9:21 am
by Alphaville
that lard soap recipe looks righteous, no bs

tallow (from beef) is a more frequent ingredient than lard. eg various pricey soaps will read "sodium tallowate" in the ingredient list.

castille soap (bronner's) just means made from olive oil because that's what spain ("castille") produces in abundance since roman times.

other people use coconut oil or shea butter, etc.

it's always a fat + lye. hence, most soaps read "sodium -------ate"

detergents use mostly sodium too for the hydrophillic end. but they're harder to synthesize.

Re: Personal Hygiene

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 9:52 am
by mathiverse
Hristo Botev wrote:
Wed Mar 31, 2021 9:14 am
DW won't use my soap, however; so, there's that.
Why won't your wife use the soap yet? Also what aspects of the soap will get better as you get better at making it?

Re: Personal Hygiene

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 10:01 am
by Frita
My spouse and I ditched deodorant/antiperspirant about four years ago. Paradoxically, I sweat less. No BO unless it’s the rare panic/fear stink.

Re: Personal Hygiene

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 10:10 am
by Hristo Botev
mathiverse wrote:
Wed Mar 31, 2021 9:52 am
Why won't your wife use the soap yet? Also what aspects of the soap will get better as you get better at making it?
Because she's got a stockpile of soap that folks (mainly her mother) have gifted her over the years that she's working her way through and that she prefers over my utilitarian soap (what she uses is girly soap). As for improvement, I have plenty of experimenting left to do to find the right amount of frothiness, and to make it smell nice (such that DW will prefer it). It'd be kind of fun to make soap that I could sell on the side for fun. What I make now just serves the purpose of keeping me from having to go to Wal-Mart to buy plastic-wrapped Dial or whatever. It's the same as my homebrewing; I like drinking it because I get a warm feeling about the DIY aspect of it, and the fact that I don't have to go spend $10+ for a 6-pack; but while folks appreciate getting the occasional free homebrew from me, it's not exactly fan-level beer at this point. But, I'm not in any hurry.

Re: Personal Hygiene

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 10:15 am
by mathiverse
Thanks, Hristo! I may try the soap and deodorant recipes.

Re: Personal Hygiene

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:51 pm
by FRx
My deodorant is water, baking soda, lavender essential oil, just 2 drops for 2 ounces. Never stink (according to partner) and I work out a lot.
My research on the topic of toothpaste is that you don't really need it if you have good brushing techniques and good flossing. I have used a touch of baking soda for brushing but you have to be careful because the technique changes with something that abrasive.
I use a natural soap, often something someone makes locally every few days on my body. Rest of the time I just wash with water and avoid scrubbing the skin since it removes the important layers you need for the good bacteria to colonize your skin and avoid pathogenic colonization.
Don't use sunscreen but am smart about exposure and every season before I get sun exposure I reacclimate my skin and eyes and avoid sunburns and wear long sleeves in Mexico and California and a hat.
No shampoo because I shave my head. No beard stuff. No retinol since I don't mind wrinkles.

Re: Personal Hygiene

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2021 5:06 pm
by shelob
How I make shampoo/conditioner/liquid soap last way longer: I dilute it with water. I have empty bottles where I put in a bit of whatever, then fill it up with water and use it for up to several weeks till I need to put the next splosh in. This seems to actually work better than unaltered hygienic product (or at least faster in terms of time spent washing) because what comes out of your bottle is in a foam-like state right away. It doesn't seem to clean any worse, IOW a lower concentration than sold in supermarkets is just fine. Also good for putting up a more normal front for roommates, and squeezing the very last bit of product out of any bottle.

For doing away with conditioner altogether: a ~1L container with water and a splash of concentrated lemon juice (Edit: looked it up, apparently in English this is lime juice) or equivalent. Commonly used in combination with hair soap, works best for "hard" water because it removes calcium/magnesium ions by precipitation. Monetary savings depend on price paid for concentrated lemon juice.

Cold water works generally better for washing hair AFAIK because the outer layer of a hair (cuticle?) has a scale-like structure that "swells" less. If cold showering isn't an option, a cold rinse as the last step works also. This reduces the need for brushing for me at least.

For making hair go greasy less quickly: avoid moving the hair roots. In order: no stroking away loose bangs, scratching one's head, and if this is a serious issue, avoiding loose hairstyles in favor of e.g. certain braids (French/Dutch/...) that require no attention for a while. Generally the higher the washing frequency, the quicker hair greases, so picking a weekend/holiday to run around with greasy hair may extend one's acceptably-looking period between washes by a day or so. Back when I had a hairstyle with loose bangs that framed my face, I would just wash those in the morning. If the rest was orderly, no one would notice if it had been washed. It's also possible to shower without washing one's hair to save water/time. OTOH, the whole hair-getting-greasy thing might just be an issue for people my age aka teenagers. (It is also possible to go overboard with these techniques and get concerned questions from teachers/pretentious fellow student council members worried about the time one devotes to personal hygiene and how it reflects on the school. Apply caution as needed :lol: )

My general strategy is to try and figure out how the purchased product works (by studying the list of ingredients etc) and then attempt to replicate it. I haven't yet gotten around to dental hygiene though.


Re: Personal Hygiene

Posted: Sat May 08, 2021 5:43 pm
by ellarose24
I use aluminum blocks for deodorant. Much better than woman deodorant that basically smells like rose scented BO by the end of the day.

I wash my hair once a week. This took time. I started by not washing at all for a month during covid. Then once a week. Oils are good for your hair—the key is to distribute them via something like boars hair brush or other synthetic variant. I use whatever shampoo on hand for once a week, doesn’t really matter.

I’ll have to look more into soaps/moisturizers. I take very very hot showers and/or baths. I usually put coconut oil or whatever I have on hand. I could probably just take normal temperature showers and not need anything because it’s humid enough here and I drink enough water.

I did try some sort of traditional Indian type shampoo made from soap pods—some kind of bean or veggie I can remember that is sudsy. I boiled the pods and as well as holy basil to make a sort of tea and probably something else, can’t remember, and then froze them as ice cubes, then rubbed on my scalp in bath/shower. This was years ago. It worked okay but for some reason I stopped, probably too much effort.