Affordable Ebook Reader

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Affordable Ebook Reader

Post by Frugalchicos »


As usual, I come to this forum to ask for your wise, frugal suggestion. I would like to purchase a second hand ebook for about $30.

I don't need colours or backlight. If the ebook have it, it is a plus, but not a deal breaker. I just want something that is confortable, have decent memory and battery and reads compatible files like epub, pdf, txt and so on.

Thanks in advance for your help!! :D

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Re: Affordable Ebook Reader

Post by Quadalupe »

I'd just look at craigslist or something for a secondhand kindle. My 4th generation kindle still works just fine (~10 years old). You will need open source software like calibre to convert epub to mobi, since kindle can't handle epubs.

An alternative would be to simply use your phone!

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Re: Affordable Ebook Reader

Post by C40 »

A backlight is nice. I recommend it.

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Re: Affordable Ebook Reader

Post by canoe »

Kobo is pretty good. It supports epubs etc, and the going rate for a second-hand Kobo Touch is under $30 near me. The newer models have OverDrive built in, so you can borrow ebooks for free with your library card.

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Re: Affordable Ebook Reader

Post by Alphaville »

as someone who cares about aesthetics and has gone through kindle eyesore, i think this might work better: ... SwYGJgRW7P

im sure it's possible to find a free one via freecycle or something. i had one i tried to give away among my neighbors but found no takers. lol fools.

alternatively, an old/used android tablet.

color and backlight are nice.

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Re: Affordable Ebook Reader

Post by RFS »

Check out eBay for Barnes and Noble Nooks (the one I linked to is $26.)

I've been using mine for about 4 years now (bought refurbished for $30 on Ebay.) It supports all types of files, and I believe 2gb is about 2000 books.

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Re: Affordable Ebook Reader

Post by CDR »

I have a Sony PRS-300, I was an early adopter of e-readers. It is still going today. Not very good PDF support though, you'll have to stick to epubs. No overdrive either. I can find them for under $30 CAD though, so they must be really cheap in the States. You could take a look at some more recent models of the Sony line (PRS-600 maybe?).

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Re: Affordable Ebook Reader

Post by plantingtheseed »

For pdf files, 10" or larger screen is recommended. Was given an Onyx Boox M92 9.7" e-reader and as outdated as it is, it has performed very well with its many useful pdf read settings.

Another option is to get a cheap used samsung android or an ipad with a big screen and use a free reading program like ReadEra or equivalent, and set it to:

Page Flipping: Vertical
Color Mode: Night (white text on black background) or Console (green text on black background)
Page margins: OFF

and adjust the brightness of the text by sliding the finger up or down on the left side of the screen after setting "brightness by swipe" ON under general settings.

p.s.: turn on the blue light filter ON from the android or ios operating system settings menu.

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