The Cult of Samin Nosrat

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The Cult of Samin Nosrat

Post by RoamingFrancis »

At long last, after a particularly lengthy library book reservation, I have managed to get a copy of Samin Nosrat's Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. This will be my new culinary Bible; I will study it and use this thread to deliver culinary sermons.

Unlike most cults I have led, heathenry is actively encouraged here. I will document my notes, analyses, and experiments inspired by the book. Please challenge me and tell me my technique's shitty. This is primarily a project to document my learning.

The book, rather self-evidently, theorizes that great cooking can be analyzed and understood by looking at the four elements in the title: salt, fat, acid, and heat. It is broken into sections analyzing each of these elements, and is followed by a chunky section of recipes to try.* Theory and praxis. Pariyatti and pattipatti, if you want to go Buddhist on that shit. I'll read the theory all the way through and report on anything interesting/important that I learned. Then I'll hoist the sails, pull up the anchor, throw some shit in a pan, and write about it. Hopefully I'll become a better cook along the way.

¡La aventura comienza!

*Note that there is a difference between a chunky section of recipes and a section of chunky recipes. The recipes, I believe, are not meant to be chunky.

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Re: The Cult of Samin Nosrat

Post by Alphaville »

i haven’t read the book, but i saw the netflix show, which was a ton of fun.

the content wasn’t exactly new territory for me, but she got me thinking more about the role of acid, so that i’m now more mindful about using it. i enjoyed her tv persona a lot, and i’d really like to see another series.

heathenry: i’ve started using citric acid and vitamin c powder in the kitchen. esto no es naranja agria pero todo vale.

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Re: The Cult of Samin Nosrat

Post by davtheram12 »

Fantastic book! I got a copy of the book shortly after I watched the Netflix mini series. It's one of the more enjoyable cook books I've come across since the first half is written like a textbook. She does a great job explaining the 'how' and 'why' of cooking while also making it fun and interesting. But with that being said, its packed with a lot of information. I found myself reading a paragraph, annotating the book, giving it some thought, rereading the same paragraph and then momentarily walking away. It wasnt frustrating but some information needed to be internalized before moving forward to the next paragraph. It's a great book for those looking to expand their skill set.

I look forward to reading your thoughts on the book as you work your way through it :) good luck and enjoy the cooking adventure

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