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c4rat0n1a wrote:I've been fighting that stuff (bindweed)for 20 years. I'd like to think that after that amount of time on a video game, I would've beaten the game.
Yes, it is true that video game designers care about human pleasure and the designer of bindweed not so much. OTOH, it does have pretty flowers, because our eyes are designed like the eyes of pollinators.

Borage (not sure how different from phalacia?) is quite vigorous, easy to pull/till, edible, and attracts a bajillion bees. It worked well for me in polyculture with tomatoes and strawberries. However, I still think there is too much "edge" (or not enough center) in a small garden system for cover crop to serve the purpose you desire, although they could serve other purposes. Leaves are too clumpy to use as mulch around spring planting, so investing in a couple bales of straw or curb-snatching all of your neighbor's grass clippings is probably your best option.

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