Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc. for home use

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Re: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc. for home use

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I set up a Rpi 4 as a desktop with 64 bit Ubuntu and overclocked to 2Ghz. I am very impressed so far. I already had the peripherals: powered usb hub, monitor, micro HDMI cable, usb headphone and microphone jack, usb mouse and keyboard. I bought a kit with a 4 Gb RAM Rpi 4 and power supply, and I bought an aluminum heatsink case. It seems to run OK without a fan. 1080p Youtube video looks good. I also bought a 128 Gb SD card and will probably add a 1T ssd external drive.

In the past I saw Rpi projects as geeky hobbies, but the Rpi 4 is a good desktop, at least when set up with Ubuntu. It runs about 65C while running video. Over 85C it will automatically throttle back the overclocking to standard 1.5Ghz, but I have not seen those temps yet. I have a fan I can blow over it but it is noisey, I prefer to run it without a fan.

For years, I have been using a laptop as my main pc. I much prefer working on a desktop to a laptop.

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Re: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc. for home use

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Hey I just stumbled upon this interesting system and thought it might be attractive to some people here who might be intimidated by hw or sw associated with standalone IOT apps.

I haven’t tried any of it but it looks like they have smoothed out a lot of the bumps and allow the user to focus more on the creation rather than technical implementation. Kind of what Legos did for Mindstorms robotics. This Quantum platform is kind of like Scratch mixed with preassembled embedded hardware.

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