Reaching Kegan Level 4

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Re: Reaching Kegan Level 4

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Re: Reaching Kegan Level 4

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In relation to the SCD model discussed in my journal, it could be described as an imbalance between introverted and extroverted development. The fix is just to have more substantive external interactions without internalizing them. Also, over-thinking and not acting is a very common INTP habit (dominate Ti and blind Se). Try thinking about the extroverted functions (doing, ideating, interfacing, fixing) as error-correction mechanisms against false beliefs.

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Re: Reaching Kegan Level 4

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suomalainen wrote:
Thu Dec 24, 2020 3:29 pm
The goal is to become aware of the two dissonant cognitions that are causing distress and find a way to resolve them constructively, or, when we can’t, learn to live with them. In 1985, Israeli prime minister Shimon Peres was thrown into dissonance by an action taken by his ally and friend Ronald Reagan. Peres was angry because Reagan had accepted an invitation to pay a state visit to the Komeshohe Cemetery at Bitburg, Germany, to symbolize the two nations’ post-war reconciliation. The announcement of the proposed visit enraged Holocaust survivors and many others, because forty-nine Nazi Waffen-SS officers were buried there. Reagan, however, did not back down from his decision to visit the cemetery. When reporters asked Peres what he thought of Reagan’s action, Peres neither condemned Reagan personally nor minimized the seriousness of the visit to Bitburg. Instead, Peres took a third course. ‘When a friend makes a mistake,’ he said, ‘the friend remains a friend, and the mistake remains a mistake.’” Pgs 226-227.
Peres seems to show Kegan level 4 thinking in this situation. He was able to separate his friendship with Reagan from his political relationship with Reagan and comment on a mistake made with respect to those relationships without indicating the relationships have failed due to the mistake.

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