DIY software development and/or electronics?

What skills to learn, what tools to get
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Re: DIY software development and/or electronics?

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Not quiet sure I understand the question posed.

How about contributing to some open source software? The question seems to be focused only on personal usefulness, I'm sure there's stuff out there that people already find useful that you could perhaps help improve on.

You could also do a lot of stuff with a personal server if you were so inclined, you wouldn't be writing code from scratch but your understanding of code would help you in understanding some of the nitty gritty details in setting such a thing up.

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Re: DIY software development and/or electronics?

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I was looking for something like Plaid, so I'm glad to have found this thread. Thank you people.

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Re: DIY software development and/or electronics?

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Some hobbyist and later open source programming is what eventually lead to my actual "career". My degree is vaguely related but not actually useful for the work I do.

Programmable blinds sound like a great idea, currently I just use a commercial wakeup "lamp" instead (bought before I knew what I was doing with my money) - but during the summer months it gets light early enough that automatic blinds would be nice. However: my blinds aren't electric, and they're actually quite noisy (not so nice for the neighbours upstairs), so it ain't going to happen. I also tend to wake up naturally before any lights go on, so the usefulness is debatable anyway.

But ultimately, after programming all day for money my brain doesn't want to program during my free time. I expect this to change when I retire. I could probably do some more development on the side for side income if I ever get bored. There are also some nice community aspects to a lot of open source projects, at least nice for introverts like me. And if you have the right contacts you can get paid to work precisely on those open source projects freelance (that's what lead to full-time software in the first place).

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