Camping cot & housewares for barter, pickup in NYC

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Camping cot & housewares for barter, pickup in NYC

Post by walker » Sun Jun 07, 2015 12:42 pm

In my ongoing quest to minimize my stuff, I have a few nice things that are too heavy or fragile to ship to eBay buyers. Before dealing with Craigslist, I'd like to offer these to any ERErs who are interested and can pick up on weekdays in NYC, Jersey City, or Hoboken:

REI camping cot, no longer available from REI. Used twice indoors as a guest bed before DH and I realized we weren't going camping any time soon.

3 Tiffany vases, 1 clear glass, 1 blue glass, one ceramic with a floral design. Not in original packaging, but still great for gift giving or impressing dates/visitors with your good taste. ;)

1 more vase, glass, cobalt blue color.

Miniature ceramic tea set with teapot and 4 small cups.

Crate & Barrel ceramic soup pot + 4 individual bowls, "Brunswick" design.

Open to barter or, if anyone prefers, sale. I'm most interested in:
-- Intro-level books on statistics, financial modeling, Python, JavaScript, or Ruby
-- Intermediate-level books on Excel/Visual Basic
-- Food in bulk
-- Wine & spirits :D

Please PM if interested for pics and details. I'll update this thread as things get taken. Thanks!

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