Virtual Meetup on IRC - January 19

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Post by LiquidSapphire »

It's been a while... so I thought I'd throw this out there. Let's everyone get on IRC on Saturday, January 19. (Hey, would you believe we had the first one a little over a year ago?)
Log in at any time during January 19 (USA Time, but Aussies can join us on their Sunday and Europeans can join us on Saturday night).
Sign in at any point throughout the day; if enough people do it at their convenience, most of the day there should be a good group around to chat with.
The following link has the easiest directions to follow to get signed up with us. You can be chattin' in under 30 seconds. SO easy, anyone can do this. TY akratic.
PSA 1: There is a thin white bar near the bottom of the screen when you are finally "in". This is where you type your messages. Then push the enter key to send them to the rest of us in the chat room.
PSA 2: No need to wait for Virtual Meetup Day to sign into IRC, but it's great fun when many of us can make a concerted effort to land in the channel during the course of one day!
PSA 3: Anyone is welcome, even if you have never even posted once on the forums or just figured out what ERE stands for or whatever. We are a friendly bunch!

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Post by mrjay »

I will find time (and will hang out there when avail) :)

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Post by buzz »

I'm in.

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Post by LiquidSapphire »

reminder: happening now!

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Post by ThinSlicer »

Thanks for the reminder!

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