[ERE Skill Share] Bread Baking

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Re: [ERE Skill Share] Bread Baking

Post by Clarice »

We did make a starter yesterday. This morning, it showed some subtle bubbles - proof of life! :) Question: what is the meaningful practical difference between hard wheat and soft wheat? My choice of flour is between American hard wheat with molted barley added or fancy Italian 100% soft wheat. I made a starter from both - 20 hours later they look very similar. Any advice?

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Re: [ERE Skill Share] Bread Baking

Post by Alphaville »

ah i’d like to see how it was done when video is up.

as for flours: hard wheat is higher gluten and soft wheat is higher starch afaik.

lemme see... https://sciencing.com/difference-betwee ... 66495.html


most american flours including king arthur bread flour have a bit malted barley to add yeast development (i pmed the prof about that.) it’s not a bad thing actually it helps and people buy it on purpose. eg see: https://modernistpantry.com/products/di ... owder.html

i buy wheat montana all purpose and king arthur bread and all purpose and gold medal etc and they all have it—except for the whole wheat varieties.

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Re: [ERE Skill Share] Bread Baking

Post by hegesippe »

Tonight will be the last session, the actual bread baking !
Maybe we will be able to show you some tasty breads to show off :P
8PM Paris Time

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Re: [ERE Skill Share] Bread Baking

Post by Crusader »

I am sorry I only joined for the first session. I tend to overplan all the things I want to do on vacation, and other stuff got in the way and I realized that I just don't have time to add another time sensitive project to my list.

I hope the others had fun, though and would love to see some pictures of finished products :)

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