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Good morning

I am a reporter from French TV. I am based in Paris and I work for the flagship current affairs program on France 2, a news show called "Envoye special". It is a weekly program, on air for over 25 years, that showcases exclusive interviews, in-depth reporting about politics, business, world affairs and social issues. ... ye-special

We have heard about FIRE/ERE. We think it is a very interesting issue and we might consider a documentary about it.

More and more people in France seem to be interested by this movement, but as it started in the US a long time ago, it would be important for us to get in touch with American families.

Would any of you, who have already achieved ERE, would like to share their story with us? When did you decide to reach financial independance? Why? How long did it take? What is your life today?

We are not filming or officially interviewing people yet, just getting in touch in a more "unformal" way. So dont' be shy ;)

Should you be interested by our project, please feel free to contact me.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Reporter - FRANCE 2

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Hi, i'm a french speaking swiss i retired at 28. You can find my journal on the forum. Feel free to ask more questions.

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