Increased traffic?

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Dream of Freedom
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Increased traffic?

Post by Dream of Freedom »

Is it just me or are the number of views on any given topic up substantially from normal?

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Re: Increased traffic?

Post by jacob »

Some of them do seem a bit high. My rule of thumb is 100 views per post. I don't know what's going on since I'm deliberately not tracking traffic in detail.

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Re: Increased traffic?

Post by UK-with-kids »

Some random interview from years back got repeated on a TV channel? Or an old guest blog post got featured somewhere? Depending what tools are available on the forum admin, and how inclined Jacob is to find out, a referring site might provide a hint.

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Re: Increased traffic?

Post by Lemur »

Hostgator back in the day had a really neat tool for this. Tells you where the clicks are coming from. "Backlinks" I think they were called. I haven't built a website in over 10 years...

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Re: Increased traffic?

Post by catpepper »

Maybe people are staying home a lot more than usual now?

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