xNTJ vs. xNTP Roles

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Re: xNTJ vs. xNTP Roles

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@daylen - https://www.typeinmind.com/teni/ has an excellent description of the Ni-function (under the "Second Function and the Core of the Internal World" header)... it also relates to the meditation & meta-cognition thread.

Difference between ENTJs and INTJs is that for the former Ni is in service of Te whereas for the latter, it's the other way around.

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Re: xNTJ vs. xNTP Roles

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@daylen: Thank you for the discussion. It's a very interesting read. :)

7Wannabe5 wrote:
Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:56 pm

Polyamory? Is this sensible?
Robots in the garden? Is this sensible?
Enrolling in computer boot-camp at the age of 53? Is this sensible?
Avoiding teaching kindergarten because my lungs are in bad shape. Is this sensible?
Hello 7. You wanna be 5? Please take it from me (I have a lot ;) ).

Polyamory: I'd say, "No". This constant state of flux can exhaust anyone, even you. With your bubbly, champagne-like personality you have a good chance of finding a companion. He won't have all the attributes you are looking for, but enough for you to feel alive and in peace. Drop the cookies, never wear those yoga pants you've mentioned in one of your posts, and enjoy the run. Arriving to your destination is not guaranteed, but you'll warm up in the process. :idea:

Robots in the garden: Only if you find the process of obtaining them entertaining. I'd be really surprised if something practical comes out of it. Please keep us all posted. :o

Computer boot-camp: if it's for money, then no. You have better options. :arrow:

Is avoiding teaching because of the bad lungs sensible? No. If you leave you'll take your lungs with you. The bugs that are circulating in that environment are not infinite. You'll build the immunity to them one by one. It takes time. Taking good care of your lungs is a separate issue. As a first step, drop the cookies. Sugar and other simple carbs promote inflammation in the body, which negatively affects all organs including the lungs. :evil:

Best of luck! Love your posts... :D

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Re: xNTJ vs. xNTP Roles

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Thanks for taking the trouble to respond to my flailing with your 5 energy :)

What struck me immediately is the contrast between how you answered these questions for me vs. how I first attempt answered them for myself. People's brains really do work differently.

I don't want to give up polyamory because I don't want to end my relationships with my BF, who I am actually quite fond of even though he is not ideal, or my two other former polyamours who are now my project partner and my friend-who-will-always-be-a-little-bit-in-love-with-me. However, it is true that there is only so much time or energy that I can devote to the social sphere, so I can't go on endlessly picking up and semi-keeping lovers (sigh.)

I thought enrolling myself in computer boot-camp was simultaneously sensible and novel, because it is more like something a 23 year old man would do than a 53 year old woman.

I thought not teaching due to health concerns was uber-sensible and exactly in alignment with what a 5 would do, whereas what I would do is push myself to keep going with severe bronchitis/asthma to the point that I am gasping for breath after a long walk and climbing up a staircase in bitter cold air carrying a heavy suitcase and I am suddenly wrenched with severe pain, and wonder whether I will be found if I collapse. Luckily, I made it on to the train, and the BF I don't want to dump took very good care of me for the next week after he picked me up at the station.

OTOH, you did bring up eating less sugar which I didn't even put on the list, and that would undeniably be a sensible thing for me to do, no matter what flow chart I follow otherwise.

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Re: xNTJ vs. xNTP Roles

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There was a similar thread more on the Ni, Te, Si etc. but I cannot for the life of me find it. Please could someone post a link?

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Re: xNTJ vs. xNTP Roles

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unemployable wrote:
Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:41 pm
You know what all NTs seem have in common? Caring an awful lot about MBTI types.
Maybe the need to sit through k12 in-services with a bunch of elementary teachers that are mostly ESFP’s.

If you sit in the back with the school psychologists which lean to ?NTP but ironically often are paid to judge. You would learn that we think it is all a bunch of BS that had been refuted by actual research.
Flash back to my professional life.

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