Headphone recommendations

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Re: Headphone recommendations

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I bought a pair of Bose OE2 a decade ago on sale for like $60 and use them at work, have a pair of Bose AE2 I use at home I got a decade ago for a similar price. Just got a pair of “higher end” Sennheiser RS180 for $180ish for playing guitar and video games wirelessly and they sound quite a bit better than the Bose, but feel it was kind of a waste because I don’t use them much and could’ve stuck to wired.

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Re: Headphone recommendations

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I'm planning on buying Sony XM3. They're cheaper than XM4 since now they're "old", but they still cost an insane 1200 PLN ($320) here in Poland... That's a lot of money for a not-that-repairable gadget. I suspect they might be my largest expense through the whole 2021. They're a necessity though, I have some really inconsiderate neighbors and noise cancelling headphones do wonders on them (I've already tested with my work-provided ANC phones which are supposed to be much worse than the Sony).

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