The Idled Young Americans

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Re: The Idled Young Americans

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This is bad news too :lol:

Anyway, I was/am more interested in trends of global outsourcing.

After LI search, I found that in local branch of European company known for its tournee 80 yrs before, they used engineers (locally recruited) in projects in USA in 2010-2012 :o .

I'm somehow suprised. I assumed that the top rule in (use whatever term fits your world view) is... not to show possible wealth in order to avoid frictions between outsourced vs local vs fired local.

I simply wonder if they had to teach their (insert more "cost" effective outsourcing place, whatever it is/was in 2015-2019), as it happened to Disney's folks in USA (and in many other places).

I thought it would be somehow discussed in shareholders bulletins and... some of you read them.

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