forced changes

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forced changes

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Choosing an ere-lifestyle and let go a more common lifestyle is/was for me a conscious and profound change in life. It modified almost every relation regarding friends and family. It modified my world-view, it modified my values.

Vanity, showing off, opinion of others seemed to dissolve in a more down to earth way of living. Still I give value to beautiful crafted things and things of art, but not that I strive to get costly things. Things are only things.
Music, for me especially classical music, gives so much pleasure, so much consolation or extasy and is so easy to collect. You can get the very best quality of music on compact disks or even on gramophone records, which are available for a peanut in thrift-stores.

You learn many skills which make that you can live very well without the need of spending much money. You learn how to stay or become healthy, and you have now time to study and do the things to get such a good health.

And on the way you learn that life and the world is constant evolving. Luck comes and go, but as you have learned to save, to curb your expenses, as you have become creative in many ways, prosperity can come but has not to go.

As long as you are on your qui vive, as long as you are seeing what happens around you, as long as you know enough is enough..
As you experience that you can have a good life with less: less money, with less health, with less comfort. As long as you are striving to be part of a society, a sport-club, a diy club, a cycling or walking club, or even as you are part of this forum :)

As long as those societal connections stay in your life and gives you satisfaction, you can accept forced changes such as this pandemic, and accept that it is quite possible that more dramatic or draconian forced changes will appear and change our lives.

Have courage to live well in 2021!

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