Hardware based Virtual Optical Disk Drive (ODD) that's NVMe based?

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Hardware based Virtual Optical Disk Drive (ODD) that's NVMe based?

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Hey everyone, thank you in advance for your help! :-)

For the last few years we've been using a SATA 2TB drive and a Zalman ZM-VE350 as a back-up drive and virtual optical disk drive but are having difficulty replicating (and if possible, improving) it's functionality while reducing weight and volume. Would anyone know of a similar 2-in-1 piece of hardware that uses the NVMe form factor so we can finally replace our bulky and heavy Zalman?

We're aware of software solutions like YUMI, Easy2Boot, and SARDU to DIY our own, but does anyone know of a hardware 'of the shelf' solution?

For a bit of background/context:

For the last four years we've been fortunate enough to work in IT and travel (4 continents, 26 countries, and 80 cities) while being nomadic/house sitters that only carry a ~15lb 36L backpack each. In other words, we're always mindful of weight and volume, and if possible, are looking on cutting down on both.

Thank you again everyone! :-)

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