Becoming Poor in Italy

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Re: Becoming Poor in Italy

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Italians care about living well. This is why quality of life consistently ranks very high in this country in spite of high taxes, poor public infrastructure and third word like bureaucracy.

If you want to live outside of the big cities you’ll need to speak some Italian, but if you avoid being flashy (displaying wealth in obvious manners) you’d live a fantastic life.

I would just caution to spend in Italy less than 6 months, or you’d be a resident for taxation purposes.

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Re: Becoming Poor in Italy

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Apologies if this is purely a stereotype, but is the "cafe culture" alive and well in Italy? When I've been to both Italy and Greece, the major attraction for me has been how the people (especially the old) manage to spend an entire day sitting in the terrace of a cafe, playing games, laughing, smoking, etc. Sometimes such an attitude to life is made fun of in Britain (Those lazy Mediterraneans, blah blah blah) which I think is very ignorant. Often, I can't think of anything better than such a lifestyle.

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