Are humans evolving faster or slower?

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Re: Are humans evolving faster or slower?

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bigato wrote:
Mon Jul 15, 2019 6:57 pm
“logarithmically faster”.

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Re: Are humans evolving faster or slower?

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Not exactly evolution, but interesting.... ... 50faed696d

Skeletal records show that for hundreds of thousands of years, people had beautiful skulls: straight teeth, wide jaws, forward faces, large airways. Robert Corruccini, an emeritus anthropology professor at Southern Illinois University, found perfectly straight teeth and wide jaws in children’s skulls from pre-Roman times among Etruscan remains in southern Italy.

Then, about 250 years ago, our faces began to change. “Etruscan kids had to chew once they were getting off breast milk. Babies have remarkably powerful chewing capabilities.”) Just like diabetes and heart disease, malocclusion — the misalignment of jaws and teeth — followed industrialization around the globe.

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