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Filtering subforums

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I realized recently that there's certain subforums here that I don't really care about, they're just timesucks. Of course, you can not click into those forums, but if you prefer to browse by list of active topics (as I do), they clutter it up. In the spirit of minimalism, I wrote a small Greasemonkey script that simply deletes those forums from topic lists (Greasemonkey is a browser plugin that can alter how you see websites). It doesn't re-paginate so some pages are shorter and some are longer, but it may help you ignore subforums that you don't want to see updates in.

In Greasemonkey, simply click "New user script", select and "Edit" the script, and paste the below code. Uncomment the line of each forum you want to block (remove the first two "//" before the text with the forum name).

Code: Select all

// ==UserScript==
// @name     ERE filter
// @version  1
// ==/UserScript==

const filteredForums = [
// 'Introduce yourself',
// 'ERE Journals',
// 'ERE Community',
// 'Money Questions',
// 'Skills & Tools Questions',
// 'Lifestyle Questions',
// 'Health Questions',
// 'Work & Education',
// 'Housing Questions',
// 'Transportation Questions',
// 'Friends & Family Questions',
// 'Inspiration',
// 'Politics, and other eternal disagreements',
// 'Resources & Recommended Reading',
// 'ERE Book/Blog/Forum',
// 'Miscellaneous',
// 'Administrative',
for (const element of document.getElementsByClassName('row')) {
  for (const forum of filteredForums) {
    if (element.innerHTML.indexOf(forum) >= 0) {

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