Climbing The Ladder of Awareness

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Re: Climbing The Ladder of Awareness

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Why do you have to choose between the inner and outer path? Isn't pursuing both the more resilient approach? (I mean personally resilient)

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Re: Climbing The Ladder of Awareness

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I wouldn't think choice is involved at all. It wasn't for me.

By the time one hits stage 5, preferences and habits are well established. Outside path would be unnatural to me.

Breaking it out as inside path vs outside path seems to be a way of capturing superficial differences into the model, without showing preference.

Or I could be wrong.

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Re: Climbing The Ladder of Awareness

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The concept of problem versus predicament intrigues me. It seems that control (or the illusion of it) is basic human need and even more prevalent amoung the masses in a developed country.

Viewing a predicament allows one to be busy in search of the answer and blend in with the herd. Perhaps small problems can exist within the predicament, perhaps of the "How shall I respond to X?" nature.

Can a person be surfing between levels 4, 5, and 6? I would say that is my space.

Here is another interesting article to read: ... ments/amp/
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Re: Climbing The Ladder of Awareness

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I too think that one can surf between levels 4, 5, and 6. Perhaps the level of operation is determined based on the stimuli the person is responding to. I also feel that this case can be made for the usage of the inner and outer paths. And with both the levels and the paths, people may have a primary level/path but may operate on different ones at different times due to what they're being exposed to.

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Re: Climbing The Ladder of Awareness

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