Recommendations for a pair of forever boots?

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Hristo Botev
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Recommendations for a pair of forever boots?

Post by Hristo Botev »

Disclaimer: This is (in part) going to be a very non-ERE question.

I need a recommendation for a pair of roper-style, slip-on leather forever boots.

Background: I've been wearing Blundstones for several years now, and I like the convenience of slip-on boots, and also the fact they look (almost) nice enough to wear to work when I wear jeans or cords, in addition to being able to wear them for almost every other situation short of exercise. But I don't like that (as I understand it from my fashionista friend) you're not really supposed to wax them (so I haven't), which means they don't age as well as my Alden dress shoes. Blundstones are also pretty uncomfortable, when you're spending an entire day walking around in them. More importantly, the rubber treads on my Blundstones are now giving out, and it seems like the cost of repair (if they can be repaired) wouldn't be worth the trouble, given the condition the boots are in otherwise.

So, I'm looking for a recommendation for high quality (non-dress) boots with leather I can take care of, and with soles/heels that are repairable, and which if well taken care of I could expect to last as long as my Aldens.

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Re: Recommendations for a pair of forever boots?

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I wear Redwings for yard work. I’m on my second pair. My first pair was bought in 1994. These were lace up medium cuff work boots. I just oiled with Redwing Boot Oil which is a mix of neats and mink. I bought my first pair using my “safety shoe allowance” from an employer. The boots lasted a long time. I did the same at another employer in 1999. Redwings again but ESD steel toed oxfords for walking electronics factories. If you work at a big Corp check with your environmental health and safety team and see if you have a program. You can get free Redwings sometimes if you can make the safety equipment excuse or ESD/oil resistant sole excuse.

Purchasing usually just waves Redwing invoices through. I wonder if IB guys get free Aldens.

My BIL uses his allowance to replace his work boots every year. He sells his year old ones online for beer money.

They sell slip ons. I had some motorcycle boots like that but I never liked the fit as much as the lace ups. They did look nicer though and got comments at the office when I rode to work.

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