I feel disconnected

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Re: I feel disconnected

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other interesting nugget.

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Re: I feel disconnected

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Interesting thread. I think this is where the Kegan levels start to become relevant. Connecting with others as an outsider requires being able to step outside of your own role and identity to see where they're at.

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Re: I feel disconnected

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also, it requires being really really really sure in yourself. I personally am still at the level where I am sure in my own values and the direction I want my own life to take, but at the same time, the disapproval of others gets to me. Technically, the approval of others should be irrelevant -- and I really think that if it is really irrelevant, one would actually be able to connect with others. Underdeveloped thoughts here, but it's easy to see the fault in others who aren;t enlightened enough and not in oneself, who isn't self-actualized enough.

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Re: I feel disconnected

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I had a really hard time with this as well. I've always been different. Was made fun of by my mom for reading early retirement books at the age of 18 but really I was reading about indexing strategies etc... Well at the age of 31 I was pretty much retired from normal life anyway. I now have absolutetly nothing in common with people where as before I could atleast fake it. I've travelled a ton/lived in foreign countries, learned a foreign language. At first that was great as I was around alot of other 'floaters'. But that too got old as the connections aren't meaningful. But I've adjusted and overall am esctatic I never got sucked into the BS consumer/globalist economy although I've profited a great deal from it through investments and easy travel up to covid. For me live is about experiences, and I've had alot and I've missed out on some as well. But it's a trade off I'l make. Beside I'm pretty much unemployable now anyway

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