Coffee and pints

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Re: Coffee and pints

Post by vexed87 » Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:24 am

@Did, another fine example of human capital beating financial capital hands down. Free ale, what's not to like!

@C40, where do you buy your green beans, and how do you store them?

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Re: Coffee and pints

Post by SavingWithBabies » Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:27 pm

I cheated and started working from home. So I had to make my own coffee. But I got good at it. You find the beans you like, have a burr grinder, and a method to brew that produces coffee you like (I use a Kalista 185 pour over -- I happen to have the glass one but kind of wish I had the metal one). Then coffee out doesn't really taste so good. I'll still buy coffee if push comes to shove. But I also tweaked it so I use 2/3 decaf and 1/3 caffeinated beans. That agrees much more with my constitution but I don't really want to explain that. So the coffee has to be self-serve.

Become a coffee snob and your problem may be solved on the coffee front!

My next step down this path is to follow @C40 to the land of green coffee beans. I'm really mulling that over though. I have an itch to maybe DIY a roaster and I'm in no rush.

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Re: Coffee and pints

Post by Augustus » Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:43 am

Does anyone know much about the cancer causing aspect of roasting coffee beans? I have no idea if I should worry about it.

I think I answered my own question..maybe...
Specifically, Swedish women; data on 43,404 were evaluated from the years 1991 through 2002. At the start, their average age was 39.

During that time, out of the 43,304 women, there were 667 cases of breast cancer – about 1.5% got it. For all the women, their lifestyle and dietary habits were scrutinized.

breast cancer risk chartWhen it came to how much acrylamide they ate, here’s where it came from:

54% from coffee
12% from fried potatoes
9% from crisp bread
But regardless of which foods or drinks it was coming from, how did all of that affect their rates of breast cancer?

As you see in the chart, those in the 20% highest quintile of acrylamide intake had a relative cancer risk which was 19% higher (that’s the dot all the way on the right side).

While that factoid and the chart may look troubling, after crunching the numbers and factoring in the margins of error, the final conclusion was:

“Compared with the lowest quintile of acrylamide intake, there was no significantly increased risk of breast cancer in the higher quintiles and no evidence of a linear dose response.” ... ight_roast

So as usual, no one knows... but based on the data it seems prudent to avoid it, and to pick robusta beans and do a dark roast? Article above goes into detail..

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Re: Coffee and pints

Post by bryan » Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:21 pm

@Augustus, you mean Arabica?

I would guess that the biggest health risk of coffee roasting is inhaling the smoke/air?

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Re: Coffee and pints

Post by Augustus » Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:22 pm

Yeah, I transposed them, arabica has less of the toxin.

The toxin is created during the roasting process, and you ingest it when you drink it. Apparently it's not a trivial amount either, according to the swedish study above.

Various roasting methods and storage methods can reduce the toxin.

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