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Flipp App

Post by BlueNote » Tue Jun 16, 2015 8:20 pm

In my geo most of the grocery stores have some sort of price matching program in place.

"Flipp is a free app that delivers your favorite weekly ads to your fingertips."

I usually just use the list feature in the app to create a grocery list. The app circles the deals in all the local flyers for me (no more having to physically go to each grocery store to get the local flyer!). I then show it to the checkout person and they price match on most things. It finds deals at grocery stores I didn't even realize existed.

For example I saved about $20 on my last grocery shop for ground beef (25% off) , beans, canned tomatoes, ice cream and frozen chicken burgers.

I also discovered some of the limits to price matching:

- The grocery store would only price match on stores from their list
- 4 item max for each match
- strict control on matching exact size , weight and type
- meat had to be price matched at the back meat area and then checked out at the front
- etc.

It's one of those rare "apps" that are actually ERE friendly. Enjoy!

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